Our modern technology is truly wondrous to behold. It has brought us all closer together and brought about the “global village” that has been talked about for years.

However, it seems that this constant connectivity has made it even more difficult to “get away”. Maybe this is what is driving the surge in the need for people to vacation in remote destinations that offer an escape from the barrage of technology that we see in our day-to-day lives.

The History of the Yasawa Islands

the yasawa islandsOne such “remote destination” is Fiji’s Yasawa Island Group. The Yasawa Island Group is a chain of Islands that stretch across about 60 miles of ocean in the northwestern boarder of the Fiji Islands. The southern most island in the Yasawa Island Group is about 30 miles northwest of the port at Nadi.

These magnificent islands were created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, and were first settled about 2,500 years ago. Little has changed since then. Several small villages dot the Yasawa Island Chain, and many of the islands are uninhabited. This allows the Yasawa Island group to remain mostly pristine. The Fiji government didn’t allow tourists in the Yasawa island group until 1987 (with the exception of a few small resorts like Turtle Island). This has helped keep the islands free from the encroachment of modern civilization. Visitors to the islands can see what it was like to walk on these south pacific islands thousands of years ago before man left an impression. If you are looking to truly get away from all the trappings of modern society yet still enjoy a luxurious vacation, then the Yasawa Islands are the place for you. You won’t find any strip malls or fast food restaurants in the Yasawa Island group, but you will find some of the best tropical resorts in the world that range from economical “backpacker” resorts to all-inclusive luxury resorts.

Getting to the Yasawa Islands

exploring the yasawa islandsIf you are planning a trip to the Yasawa Island Group, it is wise to plan your transportation needs ahead of time. The closest international airport is on the island of Vita Levu in the city of Nadi. There is a ferry that leaves Nadi every morning to bring passengers to the Yasawa Island Group. The boat trip takes over 4 hours depending on what island you are headed to. If your flight into Nadi arrives after the ferry’s departing time, you may be forced to spend the night in Nadi.

However, you can also book a resort transfer with Turtle Airways. With several flights leaving Nadi every day, Turtle Airways seaplanes can take you to any destination in the Yasawa Island Group in about 30 minutes and help you start your vacation sooner.

Turtle Airways also offers day trips to amazing destinations within the Yasawa Island Group like the world famous Blue Lagoon or the Sawa-i-lau caves (known locally as the Heart of Yasawa). You can also book a low flying scenic flight with Turtle Airways and experience the Yasawa Islands in a way that few other have. You will want to bring your camera for this.