Summer is fast approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, and for many people that means it is time for a vacation! Fiji is a favorite destination for many people during the middle of the year as that is Fiji’s dry season. Although it is technically winter in Fiji, don’t expect it to be cold. July is typically the coldest month in Fiji with average temperatures around 83.3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yasawa Island chain from the AirThe Beauty of Fiji’s Yasawa Island Chain

Many people who visit Fiji head west to the Yasawa Island Chain. The Yasawa streatch across 56 miles of open ocean about 35 miles off the north west coast of Viti Levu. The Yasawa Island Chain has only been officially open to tourists since 1987. This has allowed Yasawa to remain virtually unspoiled.

In the years since Fiji officially allowed tourists to go to Yasawa, many resorts have sprung up. These resorts range from the budget “Backpacker” resorts where you can share a dorm style hut with several other travelers to luxury all-inclusive resorts where you can have your own private beach

The Sawa-i-lau caves

There are many places to see while you are in the Yasawa Island Chain. In the north you will find the Sawa-i-lau caves. These limestone caves are known to the locals as the “Heart of Yasawa”. They are said to be the resting place of a Fijian God. The high limestone walls of the caves are as awe inspiring as they are beautiful, and it is easy to see why local Fijians held these caves in such high regard. But if you are planning on venturing into the Sawa-i-lau caves, be prepared to get wet! The caves are only accessible via the water, and during high tide, you have to dive under rocks to get inside.

Swimming with Manta Rays

Further south in the Yasawa Island Chain is the Naviti group of islands. Between the island of Nanuya Balavu, the island of Nanuya in the Naviti group is a narrow channel. Every year, between May and October, Manta Rays arrive in the waters. These majestic sea creature grow to amazing sizes with some of them having wingspans of 20 feet across. This area of Fiji is an internationally recognized refuge for the endangered Manta Ray and one of the only places on the globe where visitors can have an up close and personal encounter with these amazing sea creatures.

Taking a Dip in The Blue Lagoon

About half way between the Sawa-i-lau caves and Manta Ray Bay is the magical Blue Lagoon. Many of us first saw the romantic coming of age film starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins when we around the age they are in the film. The story of the young castaways finding love has been an integral part of the romantic zeitgeist of western civilization for almost 40 years now, and you can visit the actual Blue Lagoon where this film was shot.

Yasawa Island GroupThe Villages of the Yasawa Island Chain

All along the Yasawa Island group, you will find villages of local Fijian clans. Known as some of the most hospitable people in the South Pacific, many of these villages will gladly allow tourists to visit, and learn about their unique culture and heritage.

There truly are many amazing things to do while staying in the Yasawa Island Chain for the summer. However, getting around is no easy task.

Getting Around the Yasawa Island Chain

The best way to get around while staying in Yasawa is by seaplane. Turtle Airways offers multiple flights around the Yasawa Island Chain daily. From day trips to any of the locations mentioned above, to low flying scenic flights, to simple transfers between resorts (or from your resort to Nadi, and back), Turtle Airways has the right flight for you… and if they don’t, Turtle Airways offers custom charters as well.

So contact Turtle Airways if you are heading to the Yasawa Island Chain this summer. Turtle Airways will make sure to make your Fijian vacation even better!