getting-around-fiji-in-a-float-planeThe Yasawa Islands are an archipelago of a staggering 20 volcanic mountains, with naturally crafted beaches and reefs dotting these islands. The perfect weather supports the flourishing of the awesome rainforests and tropical jungles that carpet this incredible landscape. It has mountains peaks that range between 250 and 600 meters in height. The Yasawa Islands is the perfect destination for nature lovers, a rare part of the universe that is a paradise awaiting exploration.
The best way to explore these amazing islands is by use of a chartered float plane. Float planes have a myriad of advantages over using other means of transport when touring the Yasawa islands like the use of boats, for instance. The float planes have the capability of taking off or landing virtually in any body of water and have an ability to access the remotest of regions once deemed inaccessible by land, water or by use of any other type of plane. The planes are also able to take off with little or no water wave actions, making them efficient to use in any weather including winds or ranging storms.
Use of float planes gives you a direct and uninterrupted view of lands below. You will be able to explore the rich blue oceans below, with the tropical wind sweeping through to refresh, rejuvenate and relax you as you explore the lands and ocean. This gives you a first-hand experience, with no unnecessary interruptions that will leave you looking forward to more of such experience.
view-from-a-fiji-float-planeThe speed at which flat planes enable you to explore these islands is amazing. An aerial view of the lands below is the best option to explore the Yasawa islands. With the ability to land almost anywhere in any of dotted islands below, you will be able to alight the plane and explore the islands at a closer range. This is an opportunity to explore the almost inaccessible beaches, reefs and tropical jungles.
Float planes are also one of the safest means of transport in this mountainous terrain, accompanied by thick rainforest and tropical jungles and ocean storms that might make it impossible and risky to use other means of transport.
You will probably need to carry with you a camera to catch all the amazing moments and actions, and give yourself a chance to relive the moments once the tour is over. This will also help you carry with you memoirs and experiences to share with your friends and family back at home.
The Fiji float planes give you the opportunity to sit back, relax, as you explore the lands awaiting your discovery. This is an explorative opportunity for nature lovers that wish to rediscover new places while at the same time rejuvenating and refreshing themselves as they create vivid lifetime memories. The customer care is of world class standards, ensuring that all the customers’ needs and expectations are met. All this coupled with cheap and affordable rates, the use of Fiji float planes is for sure the best way to explore Yasawa islands, and this is a wonderful gamble that will leave you yearning for more for of this experience.