Choosing a place to go on holiday has gotten increasingly difficult recently. Social unrest is making many tourist hot spots less then welcoming, and other holiday favorites have been overcome with a dislike for visitors.

Sure, you could always stay home and enjoy a “staycation”, but where is the fun in that? Going on holiday is about getting away from the usual. It is about seeing another part of the world and basking in the relaxation that can only come from being thousands of miles away from your day to day life. In fact, a recent study of posts on Twitter found that the further away from home a person is, the more happy words they use.

So if you want to be happy, get away from home. And you can’t get much further away then the islands of Fiji. Located in the middle of the South Pacific, the islands of Fiji are the perfect place to escape to on holiday. With over 300 islands, and 500 islets (most of which are uninhabited), Fiji offers a unique opportunity to get away, and still have the comforts you have come to expect. And unlike many other popular tourist destinations, the People of Fiji are considered some of the happiest, most hospitable people in the world. (a 2014 poll called the people of Fiji the happiest in the world.)

Long gone are they days of travel bans in Fiji. Before the 1980’s, land based tourism was banned in the Yasawa islands in western Fiji. Now, the islands are dotted with eco-friendly resorts that cater to all types (and all budgets). In a strange turn of events, the travel ban that used to be in place for the Yasawa islands allowed them to remain free of the industrialization that is common in many tourist hotspots. Visiting a resort in the Yasawa islands as part of your Fiji holiday is like stepping back in time to a more natural and pure time.

Getting around Fiji is no simple task however. You can’t just rent a car and drive to the Yasawa islands, and the only international flights to Fiji come into the big island. However, Turtle Airways offers multiple flights per day from Nadi to the Yasawa islands. The flights Turtle Airways offers aren’t just transportation, they are a part of your Fiji holiday. These low flying scenic flights will take you over soft coral reefs, stunning blue lagoons, and majestic volcanic peaks. You will be able to experience Fiji in a way that Captain Cook could never have dreamed of when he first saw these amazing islands in 1774. And no need to worry about transportation to your resort, Turtle Islands seaplanes will set you down right on the beach of many of the resorts in Yasawa. And when it is time to head back to Nadi, Turtle Airways will pick you up the same way.

So forget about the troubles in the rest of the world, and take a Fiji holiday to help get your mind, body and spirit back in tune with nature. Spend some time on the beach or swimming in the crystal clear waters of the south pacific. enjoy a hike, or horseback ride through untouched forests, Take part in a Kava ceremony with a native tribe, or just relax in a hammock. Whatever you want to do with your time off, a Fiji holiday is the right way to do it.