romantic things to do in fijiFor most people, a week in Fiji is pretty romantic. But if you want to step it up a notch or two, there are plenty of romantic activities you can do in Fiji that will make a great vacation one that you will never forget. Here are our top 5 tips for romantic activities to do while in Fiji.

A Private Beach Picnic

Romance means spending quality time with the person you love. So while everyone spends time relaxing on the beach in Fiji, if you really want to make your south pacific vacation a romantic escape to remember, find a secluded beach and have a private picnic with just you, your significant other, and the crashing waves. Many resorts have private beaches, and if they don’t, they can point you in the right direction.

Snorkeling Together

Slipping beneath the waves with your loved one is an extraordinary adventure. Floating in the amazing undersea world of soft coral reefs, away from the noise of our above water world, is a great way to connect with your loved one. Hold hands and see the amazing colors of the vibrant sea life that is just below the surface.

Escape to a Deserted Island

with over 300 islands, and 500 islets (only 100 of which are permanently inhabited), it isn’t hard to find a deserted island to escape to in Fiji. And what could be more romantic then being alone on an island in the middle of the south pacific with the one you love? You can have a boat take you out to a deserted island, or you can catch a ride on one of Turtle Airways seaplanes that will take you to (and pick you up from) the beach on a deserted island. (add to this our next romantic thing to do in Fiji, and you have a super afternoon of romance!)

Take a Low Flying Scenic Tour

There are many things to do in Fiji, and plenty of adventures to be had for you and your loved one. However, seeing Fiji from above is something that not everyone gets a chance to experience. Turtle Airways offers amazing low flying scenic tours over the volcanic Yasawa islands that will take your breath away.

Visit the Sawa-i-lau Caves

There is a legend that young Fijian chief was in love with a woman from another village. She loved him as well, but she had been promised to another chief. One night, the chief and his love ran away together and he hid her in the Sawa-i-lau caves. He would return to her daily to bring her food, swimming into the caves when the tide was right. Eventually the two of them escaped to another island together where they lived happily ever after. What could be more romantic then swimming into these amazing caves with your loved one?

If you are planning a vacation to Fiji with the one you love, take some time to experience one or more of these romantic adventures. It is an experience you will cherish forever.