The Need to Consider Local Transportation

resort-transfers-fiji-scenic-flightsOne of the most important parts to planning a trip is making sure that you know how to get to where you want to go once you have landed in the country that you are visiting. After all, not all destinations are situated close to an airport, meaning that you will need to arrange for some sort of local transportation unless you are willing to miss out on some of the best sightseeing opportunities out there.

If you have chosen Fiji as the country that you are visiting next, securing local transportation is particularly important because Fiji is not a single continuous landmass but rather a number of island chains. Furthermore, some of the most interesting islands are secluded and somewhat out-of-the-way, meaning that they are much less accessible than the most popular islands such as Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. As a result, if you are not properly prepared, you can find parts of your trip to be much more frustrating than they need to be.

Fortunately, if you are interested in local transportation for your trip to Fiji, you have a simple and convenient solution in the form of Turtle Airways. Like our name suggests, we provide our clients with fast and reliable transportation in the form of our seaplanes to the Yasawa Islands as well as the Mamanuca Islands. Better still, since our seaplanes are meant to accommodate small parties, our clients can expect flight times based on their needs rather than be forced to endure long hours while waiting for service.

How Can You Turn an Inconvenience into an Experience to Remember?

fiji-scenic-flightsThe best part is that our flights can prove to be one of the most memorable moments in your trip to Fiji. This is because seeing the world spread out before you as your soar in one of our seaplanes is a one-of-a-kind experience, meaning that it should not be missed even if you are intimately familiar with Fiji’s famous landscape. After all, just like how seeing the tree is not the same as seeing the forest, seeing the Fijian islands up close and in person is not the same as seeing them laid out on the boundless blue of the Pacific Ocean from the sky.

This is particularly true because both the Yasawa Islands and the Mamanuca Islands are well-known for their natural beauty. Each one is a perfect example of how contrasts can come together to create something more than the sum of its parts, combining lush growth, volcanic formations, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters to create sights that stir the imagination and soothe the senses. Naturally, we understand the impact that such sights can have, which is why we are more than willing to accommodate those of our clients interested in indulging their senses with a little extra sightseeing. This way, they can experience Fiji from an otherwise impossible array of angles and distances, which is something that many of their counterparts cannot even hope to imagine.

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If you are in need of fast and reliable transportation for your trip to Fiji, please contact us at your earliest convenience. The sooner that you learn everything about visiting the Yasawa Islands and the Mamanuca Islands in style, the sooner that you can begin planning your dream vacation.