When Visiting Fiji, Seaplane Transfers Get Your Vacation Started Sooner

Trying to make the decision on where to take your vacation this year? The Fiji Islands are at the top of your list for vacation destinations. The only drawback to heading to the Fiji Islands is the long boat trip. Arriving to the island is a time consuming venture, adding another four to five hours waiting to get to your resort destination continues to take valuable hours away from your vacation time. The solution is simple: a Turtle Airways Fiji Seaplane transfer.

Save Your Precious Vacation Time

fiji-seaplane-transfersGoing to the Fiji Islands can be a dream vacation; a once in a life time event. You want to spend as much time as possible enjoying every part of your vacation. The Fiji Seaplane transfers can save your precious vacation time. When you arrive at the main airport in Nadi, take the Fiji Seaplane transfers from Turtle Airways to the island resort of your choice. The seaplane is much faster; you may arrive at your destination less than half an hour after take-off. When arriving by boat, the trip can take up to 4 hours that doesn’t include the time to wait for your boat to arrive or depart. The time spent waiting to get to the islands may leave you exhausted.

By arriving on one of our Fiji Seaplane transfers, you are adding to the excitement of the trip. A seaplane can be a new experience to add to your vacation memories. Be prepared for the overwhelming, breathtaking view the seaplane provides as you travel toward your exclusive resort destination. You may want to have your camera ready to get your first vacation memories of the islands and the beautiful greenish blue ocean. The aerial view of the stunning landscape will turn into an unforgettable fond memory. The Fiji seaplane transfers may be a once in a lifetime experience.

Utilizing Our Fiji Seaplane Transfers Service

TUR AIR_planeThe best way to know if you can use the Fiji Seaplane transfers to get to your resort destination is during the planning process. As you take the time to plan your vacation to Fiji, go over the different transportation options. You will want to know how to get from the main airport in Nadi to the seaplane. Depending on your resort or your vacation package, your transfer to the seaplane may be part of the service. Do not worry if your transfer is not part of your vacation package, taxi service is available. Finding a taxi is simple; they are usually waiting to serve you right at the main airport in Nadi. *(Turtle Airways now offers courtesy ground transfers to/from our seaplane base within the Nadi area. You no longer need to find a taxi!)

While utilizing our Fiji Seaplane transfers, you will want to check the limits concerning capacity and luggage limits. By knowing the different limits, you will be able to adjust your travel plans to meet the required guidelines which are created with your safety in mind.

Traveling to the Fiji Islands is the perfect vacation destination. For many the drawback is the long boat ride to your exclusive resort. Take the time to learn about the different transportation options. Utilizing our Fiji Seaplane transfers may be the perfect way to get to your resort. You will not regret the fast arrival time or the amazing aerial view.