first-time-traveler-to-fiji-choose-an-islandTaking a seaplane is one of the most convenient and exciting means of transportation, most especially to your chosen island and to different locations during your stay. Don’t bother with rough and long trips by boat when you can easily take a fast trip by seaplane and get your vacation started as soon as possible. But where are you taking the seaplane to?

As a first-time traveller to Fiji, choosing the right place to stay may seem intimidating. While each island and resort offers gorgeous views and wonderfully hospitable staffs, there are differences that come down to personal preferences to consider.


Likuliku Lagoon Resort, regarded as a magical sanctuary, is named among the top most romantic islands in the world according to Islands Magazine with the first and only over-water bures — Fijian for villa — in Fiji to stay in. For couples that have a love of history, Likuliku provides historical heritage stories and education about the first Fijians on the island.

Likuliku is designed to keep the integrity of the cultural values of Fiji with its traditional style — even appearing as an ancient village from the water.

Turtle Island

first-time-traveler-to-fijiThe highly popular Turtle Island has the best beaches in Fiji. Not only are the beaches crystal clear and gorgeous with views of tropical fish scuttling about you, the beaches on Turtle Island are completely private. The resort only accommodates 28 people at one time and each couple has their very own beach, allowing a truly exclusive vacation.


Mantaray Island Resort is aptly named and is known for being able to swim with manta rays. Dive right into the turquoise waters and swim along with the rays and relish in the beauty of the ocean. There’s really nothing quite like swimming with manta rays in their own environment. The season for manta ray swimming lasts up to six months but have often spanned longer.


Although each island and resort is notable for its immense romantic appeal, Castaway is popular among not just couples, but families. Castaway Island Resort provides more activities for children and families than many of the other resorts. The family beach bures are spacious accommodations for families or large groups, consisting of two or more beach bures that are connected together.


Navutu Stars Island Resort is the only resort that is not styled as a traditionally Fijian island, but was founded and envisioned by three Italian owners, mixing elements and aspects from Italy for a unique theme and experience. Navutu still offers getaway experiences, such as hiking trails and snorkeling, while having its own special aesthetic.

Once a resort is picked out, any first-time traveller to Fiji will definitely miss out if they don’t get the chance to board a seaplane and enjoy the ride over, either to one special island to indulge in, or for visiting a little bit of each island with inter island flights.