The “bucket List” has been growing in popularity by leaps and bounds ever since the movie of the same term came out in 2007. By now, everyone should know what a bucket list is, but if you do not, here is a summary: A bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplish or do before you pass away.

For some people, the bucket list is just a group of items that they keep in the back of their mind. Things they want to do that can change from day to day.For others, the bucket list is an actual list, whether on paper or in a file on their computer, that they check off as they accomplish these goals.

Seeing The Real World

Fiji vacation bucket listSo many people get stuck in their regular routine that they go their whole life without ever seeing and experiencing the real world. I know people who are in their 50’s and have never left the country they were born in. I know other people that go to the same place for vacation every year, year after year. They are comfortable there, but they never get a chance to experience the beauty of the rest of the world.

We think a trip to Fiji is a great start to experiencing the real world, and a place that everyone needs to experience at least once.

Fiji is Pure

The Yasawa Island chain is about 50 miles off the coast of Fiji’s big island of Viti Levu. Up until 1987, land based tourism was severely restricted on these pristine tropical islands. Since 1987, many small resorts have popped up in the Yasawa islands. These resorts are mostly owned and operated by local Fijian villages that place an emphasis on sustainability and preserving the islands natural beauty. Because of this, a vacation to one of these Yasawa island resorts gives you the opportunity to experience Fiji the way it always has been. Free from the urbanization of modern times. 

Arriving in the Yasawa islands today is much like arriving 200 hundred years ago when the first Europeans landed in Fiji. Although, you will get a much warmer welcome from the local inhabitants today. (In fact, Fijians have been voted the happiest people on Earth for several years). 

The Frugal Traveler Loves the Yasawa IslandsThe beautiful, calm, clear lagoons of the Yasawa islands are as clean and majestic as they have ever been. The forest still team with unique flora and fauna, and the beaches are still something out of a dream.

While you are in Fiji’s Yasawa islands, there are many activities to do they you may have on your bucket list already. You can swim with sharks or Manta Rays. Swim in the limestone caves of Sawa-i-lau (the reported resting place of a Fijian god.), or just Kayak, paddle board or sail around the islands and lagoons.

Speaking of Bucket Lists, 200 years ago, you were taking your life in your hands trying to make it to the remote Pacific islands of Fiji. Now it is much safer and easier. 

You can get a flight to Nadi (on Viti Levu) from almost anywhere in the world. From there, you can get on one of Turtle Airways seaplanes for the 30 minute, low flying scenic flight to the Yasawa islands. Turtle Airways will, in many cases, bring you directly to the beach of the resort you are staying at, and then pick you up from the same spot for your flight home. Turtle Airways is also available for day trips, scenic flights and custom charters. 

So come to Fiji and mark “a trip to a pristine south Pacific paradise” off your bucket list.