Getting to your Fiji resort islandSo you’re planning a trip to the exotic islands of Fiji. I’m sure you have a flight planned to Nadi, and resort picked out on one of the islands of the Mamanuca or Yasawa island chain. Getting from Nadi to your resort, however, might be a bit more complicated. There are no roots to the outer islands. But you can take a boat or a seaplane.

The boat is an inexpensive option, but it is also slow, and inconvenient. For example, the boat to the Yasawa Island only makes the trip once per day and leaves Nadi early in the morning. If your flight arrives after the boat leaves, you will need to get a room in Nadi for the night. Similarly, if your flight home leaves before the boat makes its return trip to Nadi, you will have to leave the day before your flight and get another room in Nadi. Add to that the fact that the boat from Nadi to The Yasawa island resorts can take up to 5 hours (depending on the resort), and it is clear to see how a seaplane is a better option.

Turtle Airways Has Hourly Flights

At Turtle Airways, we know your time is important to you, and we understand that vacation time is the most important. That is why we have flights leaving Nadi hourly. We also offer private charters if one of our regularly scheduled flights is not convenient for you.

All of our flights are incredibly scenic, low flying adventures that become more than transportation, and turn into a vacation experience that you will tell your friends about. Don’t forget your camera, because the views are exceptional. You will fly over volcanic peaks, lush tropical forests, and coral reefs, gaining a new appreciation for the majestic islands of Fiji as you experience them in a way that the early explorers could only dream of.

A Seaplane Give You More Vacation Time

Turtle Airways resort transfers typically take about 30 minutes from Nadi to the Yasawa islands. In many cases, we land just off the beach of your resort. This gives you extra time at your vacation destination. In some cases, you could have 2 extra days to relax by using Turtle Airways Resort Transfer service over the boat. And is there a cooler way to start your vacation then landing in the water right off the beach of your resort? We don’t think so.

Take A Seaplane To Your Fiji Resort Island

Contact Turtle Airways today and set up your resort transfer from Nadi to the Fiji Resort Island of your choosing today. We will pick you up at Nadi International Airport, and bring you to our luxurious air-conditioned terminal where you can relax for a short time before we take to the waves and the Skys to bring you to your own personal tropical island adventure in Fiji. I bet you can smell the ocean breeze already! Bula!