Fijian islands are simply gorgeous paradises. They have breathtaking white sandy beaches, clear skies, pristine crystal-clear water, coral reefs, tropical waterfalls, and palm trees surrounded by amazing mountains. The over 330 islands, each with a unique diversity, makes Fiji a land of action and adventure. Here are the most interesting things to do in Fiji:

How to find things to do in FijiDiving in Mamanuca

Fijian clear waters allow maximum visibility, and the marine life is purely astounding. The colorful corals and curious fish will present to eyes the euphoric blend of beauties hidden just below the surface. The most well-known diving sites, including Gotham city and Supermarket, have fantastic swim-through caverns and caves. Besides, some of the resorts in Mamanuca have brought some of the most attractive fish into the shallower areas, and they allow fish feeding.


If you’re keen to stay on dry land, most islands such as the Wayalailai and Kuata offer incredible hiking places. You can climb through the tropical forests to the top and view the magnificent sunset and sunrise. Additionally, you could meander through the hiking trails, Asian orchids, and lily ponds at the garden of the sleeping giant in Nadi.

Enjoy Kokoda and Kava

The Fijian island is also home to some delicious, fresh, and healthy Kokoda. This traditional Fijian dish consists of raw fish marinated in citrus juice, tomato, coconut milk/cream, fresh herbs, and finely chopped coriander. Besides Kokoda, there are kava ceremonies on several islands that you can attend throughout the year. Here, you will relish the kava (a traditional drink), sing and dance your night up.

Surf in Mamanuca

There are breaks all over the coral reefs in the Mamanucas making it a great surfing site for experienced surfers. The cloud-break is regarded as one of the ten best, most challenging waves on earth. Typically, there are consistent huge swells towards the islands during winter with the range of as high as 8-12 feet and 12-20 foot faces. In the warmer months of November through March, the water is glassy and has shorter swells. This gives less experienced surfers an easy time to surf.

things to do in Fiji: snorkelingSnorkelling in the Yasawas

Fiji is considered as a real aquarium, but the Yasawa islands are the absolute best place for snorkeling, and some islands even have astonishing sites right off the beach. If lucky, you might get a chance to see some manta rays and sharks swimming. Grab your mask and throw yourself in the warm and pleasant waters of Fiji.

Visit the Temple in Nadi

You should explore the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple–an extravagantly painted Hindu temple that echoes the Fijians large Indian population. Actually, it’s one of the few places outside India, where you can experience the beauty of traditional Dravidian architecture.


At the open-air souvenir market in Nadi, you can pick up the traditional crafts such as hand-painted saris, wooden kava bowls, and a scepter-like cannibal forks that reflect the region’s vibrant past. You can also visit the Trader Market Store (a gourmet market) in the Mamanuca Island for home-baked pastries and bread, vegetables and fruits from organic farms, cheeses, deli items, dairy, and sweets.

Maximize Your Fiji Visit

Fiji, a tropical paradise, lures people with its aquamarine waters and soft, warm sands. With various islands to visit and adventurous activities to engage in, Fiji has a lot more than just relaxation. Turtle Airways offers day trips that focus incredible island experiences into a single day to ensure that you maximize your Fijian vacation. Besides, the amazing scenic tours by air allow you to get a different vantage of the topography of Fiji.