No-Frills Chic in FijiThere is a new trend that has been emerging in the past few years of low cost goods and services that add design, high quality elements and exceptional customer service to create quality experiences at bottom prices. They call this “No-Friills Chic” or  “Frugal Chic”.  Although many people call this an emerging trend, we tend to think that this was created in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands.

Of course, there are some very high end, luxury resorts in the Yasawa Islands, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you have the money, who wouldn’t want an all inclusive Fiji holiday on a private island with private beaches and 5 star dining? But if your budget is a bit tighter, even the most budget friendly backpacker resorts still come with that amazing Fijian beach access. And isn’t that why you really came to Fiji?

Fiji’s No-Frills Chic Resorts

Fiji’s Yasawa Islands were off limits to land based tourism up until the late 1980’s. As a result, the resorts that have since sprung up and dot this South Pacific archipelago have not been built by large corporations eager to draw tourists. Instead, these resorts were mostly built by local villages with sustainability in mind. Most of them offer simple, inexpensive accommodations. After all, you don’t go to Fiji for the hotel rooms. You go to Fiji to experience the natural wonder of this tropical paradise.

Different Levels of No-Fills Chic

Many of the resorts in the Yasawa island chain offer different levels of No-Frills Chic. If you want to spend as little as possible, there are dorm style accommodations that can have dozens of beds. If you want a little more privacy, there are single room huts further from the shore. Next up the price ladder, you can find those same single room huts that are beachfront. At the top of the list is the multi room beachfront villas. All of the sleeping arrangements have equal access to the beaches, and other resort amenities, so the reality is your cost for an amazing South Pacific holiday is really dependent on how much room you need, and how much privacy you want where you sleep.

No-Frills Chic Activities

The Yasawa island chain is loaded with incredible, once in a lifetime activities that can be enjoyed for budget prices. Besides the numbers water sport activities that you can take part in, there is also snorkeling or diving with sharks and manta rays, or along amazing soft coral reeks. There is exploring the majestic limestone caves of Sawa-i-lau, and there is the opportunity to visit real Fijian villages.

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