Yasawa Island Resort Transfers

If you plan to visit Fiji, a must-stop space on your itinerary must be the Yasawa Group Islands, a large archipelago of volcanic-active islands, showcasing the natural majesty of the greater Fiji region. These islands, which consist of six mainland islands as well as a number of smaller, more remote islands, first discovered by British explorer William Bligh in 1789, are currently a hub of tourism in the area, but have a complex history as trade and communications outposts during the various World Wars. While different options exist, the best way to visit the entire archipelago is by seaplane transfer, ideally with Turtle Island Resort Transfers.

General Information, The Islands

Getting the most out of your trip to Fiji with Turtle Airways resort transfersMuch of the region was closed to tourism for quite some time – up until 1987 – but over the last few decades, the government has allowed certain levels of travel upon the mainlands of the archipelago, which used to be only viewable from the deck of a ship. Several resorts have opened up along various shorelines, and particularly in the largest metropolitan area in the Yasawa Group, Nabukeru, which in fact is more like a rustic, indigenous village. There are plenty of beach-going, relaxing options in the Yasawa, but for hardier travelers, there are options for backpacking across the rugged, volcanic terrain of the Yasawa region. For more affluent travelers, there is “flashpacking,” a top-end, custom service designed to give a full experience of the region’s interior, without the extra elbow grease generally required of backpackers.

Turtle Airways Resort Transfers

Turtle Airways is a Fiji-based airline catering to adventure and luxury travelers alike. While it is possible to travel between the Yasawa Group islands by boat, Turtle Airways, with their fleet of convenient seaplanes, is a far more exciting, efficient method of travel. For as the boat transfer takes around 4 to 5 hours, and only makes the trip once per day, Turtle Airways resort transfers take about 30 minutes, and have several flights scheduled through the day. particularly if you intend to see most of the volcanic region. Not only does Turtle Airways Resort Transfer do quick, scenic island-hopping trips, but also they offer more extensive, breath-taking sightseeing tours around the entire archipelago – a must-see for any Fijian explorer. And, on a seaplane, there are opportunities to get closer than ever before by air to the volcanic rocks, the beach lines, and the dynamic coral as you pass very close over the water.

Book Your Resort Transfer on Turtle Airways

Yasawa island resort transfersIf your vacation includes a jaunt over to the Yasawa Group in Fiji, then exploring the island structure by air is the most exhilarating and memorable way to get the full, authentic experience of this historic island chain. There is no better service than that of Turtle Airways Resort Transfers as well, with full service, custom options as well as scheduled flights during most busy holiday seasons. With a clean safety operation record for nearly 30 years, on-the-hour flights schedules to all major resorts and island mainlands, the lowest air prices in the Yasawa region, and the pleasure of avoiding rough seas, extensive waits, and limited views (on the boat), traveling by air on Turtle Airways seaplanes is guaranteed to add extra flavor and excitement to your Fiji adventure.