Yasawa Resort TransfersSo you want to take a vacation to Fiji’s yasawa Islands. You did the research and found out that the many resorts that dot the island chain are eco friendly resorts run by local villages and pay special attention to be sustainable, and authentic. Doing your part to help the planet is important to you, and by making sure you only vacation in places that share your values, you can help make sure that the amazing ecosystem that is the Yasawa islands remains in its natural form for future generations.

Yasawa Resorts Have Something For Everyone

The resorts in the Yasawa island chain range from budget friendly to luxury all inclusive. Some resorts are geared toward family vacations, while some have a more single friendly party atmosphere and others style have a quiet, romantic couples vibe. Needless to say, whatever you are planning for your vacation to Fiji, one of the Yasawa resorts is sure to fulfill your needs.

No matter what resort you choose, you can be assured you will have some of the same benefits when traveling to the Yasawa islands of Fiji. For starters, all the resorts here have an amazingly friendly staff. There is a reason the Fijian people were voted the happiest people on earth. Their joy permeates these islands, and after a short time visiting us, you too will be a part of the happiest people on earth.

Yasawa Resort Transfers: Getting to Paradise

Turtle Airways Yasawa Resort TransfersThese days, getting to Fiji isn’t that hard. The Nadi international airport has a rich history and was built by New Zealand in 1939 and improved several times since. The USA used the Nadi International Airport during World War 2 as a launching point for bombing raids against Japanese targets. These days, most commercial air traffic into Fiji arrives via the Nadi International Airport.

The Yasawa islands are about 50 miles North West of Nadi. And since they are islands, you can’t just rent a car and drive there. If you are planning a trip to a resort in the Yasawa islands, you need to consider your options for Yasawa resort transfers.

Some people choose to take the Yasawa Flyer boat transfer. It is an inexpensive alternative, but has many drawbacks. The Yasawa Flyer leaves Nadi early in the morning and heads on a long cruise to Yasawa that can take up to 5 hours if you are going to a northern resort. If your flight into Nadi isn’t early enough for you to make it to the port to catch the Yasawa Flyer, you will need to get a room in Nadi and wait until the next morning. You also will only have one chance per day to return to Nadi so you need take that into consideration with you returning flight times.

People who really want to maximize their vacation time in Fine choose Turtle Airways for their Yasawa resort transfers. Turtle Airways has complementary shuttles that will pick you up from Nadi International Airport, and bring you to their recently renovated private terminal. You won’t have to spend to much time there though, as Turtle Airways fleet of seaplanes makes multiple trips per day out to the Yasawa islands. Turtle Airways Yasawa Resort Transfers feature low flying scenic flights that can bring you directly to the beach of most resorts in about 30 minutes. Book your return transfer with us, and we will make sure to take you back to Nadi so you can board you flight home with far less hassle. You get to spend more time on vacation when you book your Yasawa Resort Transfer with Turtle Airways.