As cold weather comes to the Northern Hemisphere, people are beginning to think of the Holiday Season. Halloween, Thanksgiving (in America), Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanza, New Years, and Valentines Day are fast approaching. But if you want to escape the cold and spend one or more of your holidays in a tropical paradise, now would be the time to begin thinking of Fiji!

The Holidays Are Here

perfect winter vacationWhat are the Winter holidays if not a time to celebrate relationships and family. And what better way to celebrate family then a trip to the beach? Of course, you Northern Hemisphere might find the beach a bit cold this time of year, but Fiji is in the Southern Hemisphere, and it is the warmer time of year here now. This isn’t to say Fiji ever has a cold time of year. Fiji’s proximity to the equator means that the weather is warm all year long. In fact, the average temperatures in Nadi are in the upper 80’s during December, January and February, and in the lower 80’s in June, July and August. So you see, our beaches are always warm and inviting.

For Fiji, Winter Vacation Is Heating Up

Whether you have a big family, a lot of friends, or just a romantic couple, The Fijian resorts in Yasawa and Mamanuca have accommodations to fit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a quiet, romantic time with your significant other, or a family trip to a place far removed from the stresses of every day life, The secluded islands of Fiji are the place for you.

Come and spend time in a simpler place and enjoy the forests, mountains, beaches and coral reefs of Fiji. See things the way they have been for thousands of years, and enjoy a traditional Kava ceremony in a local Fijian village.

Fiji’s Yasawa Islands was closed to land based tourism until 1987. This has allowed the area to retain much of its natural habitat. If you are interested in eco-tourism, saving the planet, or just escaping to an earlier time, then Yasawa is where to find the perfect winter vacation in Fiji.

So whether you are looking to have a family getaway for Christmas, a New Years to remember with friends, or a romantic Valentines Day with your significant other, come to the tropical paradise of Fiji for the perfect winter vacation.

Getting to Fiji

Getting away from the stress of everyday life, and escaping to Fiji isn’t as tough as you might think. The international airport in Nadi is a world class airport that has regular flights from just about anywhere you can think of. Once in Nadi, you can catch a complementary Turtle Airways shuttle out to the water where one of Turtle Airways seaplanes can take you on a low flying scenic flight straight to the beach of most resorts in the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands. Turtle Airways resort transfers take a fraction of the time that boat transfers take, and have a far more convenient schedule. So if you are looking to have the perfect winter vacation in Fiji, head on down to the South Pacific, and let Turtle Airways take you to paradise.