Fiji HolidayFiji is an amazing archipelago in the south of the Pacific. The archipelago is made of about 322 islands. For a number of reasons, Fiji has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For instance, the water there is the bluest of blue, and the sandy beaches are the whitest of white. Besides, Fiji has a rich history and culture, and the people are quite welcoming. In a nutshell, with the kind of temperate weather, pristine beaches, and tranquility that characterizes Fiji, it is technically impossible not to like the place.

There are a lot of places to tour and a lot of things to do in Fiji, and you may not have adequate time to exhausts everything. Thus, to get the most from your visit to Fiji, you have to think of a mode of transportation that will move you from one place to another with maximum efficiency. This is where Turtle Airways comes in handy. They specialize in seaplane transfers, and you can count on them to enhance your Fiji tour experience. Although there are other means of transportation in the archipelago, below are some of the ways through which Turtle Airways’ seaplanes can make your Fiji holiday better.

Flight to your Resort

If you have been traveling for hours to Fiji, taking a boat ride to your hotel can be a taxing experience. In some cases, it might take you a number of hours to get to your resort, and this could aggravate your exhaustion. Therefore, it would be prudent to take a seaplane instead of a speedboat. A seaplane can take as little as 10 minutes to travel across the islands. Besides, nothing could be more nostalgic and romantic than arriving at your resort’s beach on a seaplane. This is the experience that Turtle Airways guarantees. They will meet you at your international flight and help you to your Fiji air check-in. They will then fly you to your resort beach within a few minutes.

Day Trips To Sawa-i-lau

By traveling in a speedboat, it may not be possible to travel to some destinations in within Fiji and get back to your hotel on the same day. Thus, you might be forced to change hotels, which might be quite expensive. But with a seaplane, you can visit any part of the archipelago and come back to your hotel on the same day. For instance, Turtle Airways offers day trips services to different destinations, the most popular being Sawa-i-lau. Thus, if you want to travel to far apart destinations with Fiji without changing your hotel, you can count on Turtle Airways for reliable and affordable seaplane transfer services.

Low Flying Scenic Tours

Do you want a perfect view of the Fiji archipelago? A speedboat cannot offer that. However, a seaplane can allow you to get an aerial view of the islands and the beaches. For instance, Turtle Airways offers low flying scenic tours which will enable you to enjoy the scenic beauty of much of the archipelago within the shortest time possible.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that Fiji is a great destination for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or vacation. However, failure to pick the right mode of transportation can dampen your trip. Nevertheless, Turtle Airways offers a number of services that can make your visit to Fiji better.