glamping in Fiji at Turtle Island ResortCamping: The natural experience of becoming one with nature. The vacation from modern stress, and modern… well, everything. Camping has long been the best way known to get back to nature on your vacation. These days, people tend to want to bring a certain amount of modern convenience with them, even when camping. Thus, Glamping (or glamorous camping) was born.

The resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands are what Glamping is truly all about. The term “backpacker resort” is used to describe many of them which lends to the vide of Glamping. Fiji’s Yasawa Island resorts tend to run the gamut from very economical, to all inclusive luxury that will cost a pretty penny. Some of the resorts offer hostel style dorm accommodations that can cost as little as $42 FJD per night, but for the true experience of glamping in Fiji, you should book a private bure. (A bure is a Fijian dwelling like a villa). Those can cost anywhere from $150 FJD per night to over $2,000 FJD depending on how glamorous you want your camping to get.

The Yasawa islands in Fiji were off limits to land based tourism up until the late 1980’s. As a result, there is very little build up on the islands. You won’t find paved roads, shopping centers or fast food chains anywhere on the islands. In fact, the only “restaurants” you will find will be part of the resorts. For the most part, the Yasawa islands are as pristine as they were when people first arrived on these islands thousands of years ago. Many of the islands are home to just one resort, and the islands that have multiple resorts tend to separate themselves nicely. You may also find a real Fijian village on the same island as your resort because the Yasawa are dotted with authentic Fijian villages. Many of the villages will offer tours to visitors, and some may even allow you to take part in a Fijian Kava ceremony. If you want your glamping experience to be culturally enriching and help you to understand what getting back to nature is truly about, we suggest going on a village tour.

Jungle Bure Mantaray Island ResortWherever you choose to stay in the Yasawa islands, the beach is where you will likely spend most of your time, and there are few places in the world that have beaches that match up to the beaches in Fiji’s Yasawa islands. Many of the resorts in yasawa have private buses that right along the beaches. You can wake up, walk outside and into the water.

You can’t just go to the Yasawa islands for your glamping adventure with the rest of the tourists though, what is glamorous about that? For a truly first class glamping in Fiji experience, you should take a seaplane from Turtle Airways to your resort. Our low flying, scenic flights bring you the unique experience of arriving on the beach of your resort from the sky. And with flights taking about 30 minutes, and leaving Nadi several times per day, you never have to spend the night in a hotel in Nadi while waiting for your transfer to the Yasawa blaming experience you set out for.