perfect family vacation in fijiEverything these days seems to cause stress. There is the stress you are constantly fed at work. Then there is the stress of maintaining your home. You also have the stress of raising children. But don’t forget, those children have the stress of school and social lives that can seem so overwhelming to school age children. So when it is time for a vacation, don’t you owe it to your family to get as far away from that stress as possible?

What could possibly further away from that stress then a secluded south pacific island paradise? Yes, the perfect family vacation in Fiji is indeed a great way to eliminate stress and bring your family together.

Imagine arriving in Fiji, then heading down to the water to board a private seaplane to wish you and your family away on a low flying scenic flight to your beachfront resort. Sure, you could have taken the boat to your resort, but that only leaves once per day, and you would have had to spend the night in the city to catch it and loose a day of beach time. Then you would have spent 4 hours on a boat hoping no one in your family gets sea sick.

A 30 minute, Turtle Airways seaplane flight is a much better idea, and it take you right to the beach of your resort. Your family will be playing in the beach before you even check in!

And speaking of the beach, Scientists have discovered that not only does the sound of ocean waves create a calming effect, but the wider, less complicated expanses of ocean also reduce the sensory overload we receive each day watching TV, driving a car, or looking at the computer. With less things for your brain to focus on, it is easier to focus on the things that you want to allowing greater creativity, and problem solving skills.

family vacation in fijiIn Fiji, the resorts offer a wide variety of accommodations from dorm style spaces that sleep a dozen or more, to multi bedroom houses, to small huts the size of a bedroom. Whatever your family size and budget, there is a proper size accommodation for you in Fiji. Imagine being in a private beachside bungalow with your kids next door, or traveling with a mother family and renting an entire dorm! Just make sure to check the resort you are planning on staying at, and there children policy. Some resorts are “adults only” most of the time, but still have “family time” on schedule, while other resorts are family friendly full time!

Many resorts i Fiji share some of the most common activities, Every resort offers snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. But if you are looking for a specific activity, then you may want to double check that your resort offers it, or if they don’t, find transportation to someplace that does. Activities like swimming with Manta rays tend to happen more in the southern Yasawa islands, while diving in the Sawa-i-lau caves is in northern Yasawa. If you prefer one to the other, then choose a resort near your preferred activity. If you want to do both, then check with Turtle Airways about our exciting day trips!