Glamping in the South PacificAll over the world, the cool, the hip, and the trend setters are getting into glamping. But have you gone glamping in the South Pacific? Here is why you should put Fiji’s Yasawa islands on your list as a must see glamping destination.

What is Glamping?

Before we get started, we should probably talk about what glamping is. In the simplest of terms, glamping is like camping, but more glamorous, or as other people would put it, glamping is camping without all the bad stuff. When glamping, you usually have a more solid, and larger structure then a simple tent. There will also be more amenities (because let’s face it, no one likes to do their business behind a bush). Lastly, Glamping requires an exceptional location. If you are looking for a location consisting of beautiful beach facing crystal clear lagoons, then glamping in the South Pacific is the place to go.

What Makes Fiji’s Yasawa Islands the Perfect Glamping Spot?

Fiji’s Yasawa islands are truly the best spot for Glamping in the South Pacific because these islands were closed off to land based tourism until 1987. As a result, they are one of the few “must see” tourist destinations that hasn’t been built up by large corporate resorts. Instead, the Yasawa islands are dotted with smaller “backpacker” resorts that are mostly owned, operated, and maintained by local villages.

Backpacker Resort, that sounds like Glamping already! Backpacker resorts get their name because they are smaller resorts that usually have dorm style accommodations available at a fraction of the cost you would spend at a large corporate resort. Think: backpacking across Europe and staying in hostels. Of course, most of these resorts also have small, private, beachfront cabins or huts for just a little bit higher price.

Imagine spending the week in a small cabin on the beach of an isolated tropical island paradise. Looking out onto amazing lagoons, snorkeling amongst the vibrant sea life of a soft coral reef, and enjoying amazing sunsets by the seashore with the person you love. And yes, you get running water, electricity, and a nearby restaurant and bar. Now that is glamping in the South Pacific!

Of course, the sparsely to glam ratio is all up to you in the Yasawa islands. As we mentioned, there is dorm style accommodations, and small 1 room plus a bathroom accommodations, but there are also resorts in the Yasawa islands with multi room villas (we call them Bure’s) that, in some cases, have in room jacuzzi’s! Whatever your idea of Glamping is, you can find it in the Yasawa islands.

So when you plan your Glamping in the South Pacific holiday, the Yasawa islands are really the best choice. Although getting around the islands isn’t always the easiest. So when you come to Fiji, be sure to give Turtle Airways a call. Turtle Airways fleet of seaplanes makes multiple trips per day from the big island of Viti Levu out to the Yasawa islands and can bring you right to the beach of your resort of choosing. Turtle Airways also offers low flying scenic tours, and day trips around the island. No trip to Fiji is complete with a sightseeing trip with Turtle Airways.