If you wish to have the best Fiji vacation adventure and the best travel destination to any view and beach, then here is the solution for you. Also if you want to experience a holiday and adventure you can live to remember, then let your Fiji vacation start the minute you step your foot on the seaplane and do not wish to use any other means.

The plane offers you an opportunity to have the best trip by combining the fun that comes with a boat ride and being airborne as you explore the Islands of Fiji. Turtle Airways gives you the opportunity to enjoy this and more at much lower rates.

It allows you to have a perfect and close view of the volcanic Islands. You can also organize for a ride to the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands and the best beaches during the adventure all as you have a view of the picturesque sequence of the volcanic Islands.

How convenient is it over the other means of transport

As opposed to a boat, the seaplane reduces your travel time, and this makes it convenient for use. Also, it makes your adventure more exciting. You get a chance to view the jungles and forests at low heights. It offers you the opportunity to have a close view of natural surroundings and wildlife in their natural habitats. The seaplane gives you the best sceneries view during your Fiji adventure since it is specially designed to explore even the hard to navigate places that are inaccessible by other means.

Moreover, you get the chance to receive a first-hand exploratory tour. This is where you are taken through interaction with you pilot before the flight.

Seaplane Resort TransferWhy you should choose Turtle Airways

Other than convenience and having a guarantee that you will get the best flight services to and from the best Island, Turtle Airways also promises you a cost-friendly trip and easy to use. The seaplane has numerous reserved resorts offering you the best services to complete your adventure.

Turtle Airways guarantees total security during your visit or vacation. They organize taxis to pick the clients from the resorts to ensure that you get there safely. Also, their facilities are first class and a top-notch which include bathrooms and waiting lounge just to mention a few. You also get a VIP treatment where you have a free pass to access the WI-FI available within the restaurants and the beaches.

As opposed to boats which only have one ride per day, Turtle Airways provide several flights per day allowing you to have as much fun and take as much time as you wish. The seaplane resort transfer takes only 30 minutes to get you to your destination, unlike the boat ride which goes for five hours. Other than visiting the best resorts and beaches, you will have the chance to follow scenic routes that allow you to have a close look at the wildlife and forests along the way to the resort transfer.

We aim at offering clients a breathtaking and memorable low-flying adventurous seaplane resort transfer which is fast, reliable, convenient, safe and affordable. The flights depart every hour to the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. The pilots are experienced and friendly too. Choose Turtle Airways and you are assured that you will enjoy every bit of the vacation.