Yasawa Islands is a favorite destination for most tourists due to its warm tropical climate, which makes it suitable for an excursion. Make the Yasawa a destination of choice and get to enjoy adult-only tours, family packages, five-star resorts, and traditional bures. If you are planning on a vacation to these luxurious islands, you could not have made a better choice. Below is a guide on how to find the best Fiji vacation spots.

Plan your travel for The Best Fiji Vacation Spots

the Best Fiji Vacation Spots in the Yasawa IslandsAfter landing in Fiji, it is crucial to get the hooks into the different transportation methods on how to reach the Yasawa islands. You can take a cruise, a charter boat or a ferry ride. However, the seaplane ride is a favorite amongst most visitors. It gives a clear view of the islands below, and it is faster. Furthermore, some resorts can only be accessed via air transport using a seaplane.

Arrange for logistics

It is without a doubt that the Yasawa Islands are peaceful. However, reaching them can be a nightmare, and therefore you need to arrange for logistics. It is vital to choose a flexible mode of transport, depending on the length of the trip. Most have departure times, and you can pay in advance. Several groups have excellent packages that help visitors plan their trips.

Arrange for the seaplane flight

There are many options on how you can reach the Yasawa Islands; however, the seaplane ride offers a spectacular view of the island. Flight companies such as Turtle Airways are flexible and are always ready to discuss with you the options available.

Budget early

The Yasawa Islands have luxurious spots, some of which are five-star resorts. However, there are also budget options that dominate the island. You are spoilt for choice due to the flexible options depending on your budget. Some packages may also include other activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding on the private beach and much more. You may also want to add a seaplane ride to your budget to get an experience of a lifetime.

Decide on your preference

Ways to Identify the Best Fiji Vacation Spots in the Yasawa IslandsThe various spots in Yasawa Islands have different packages depending on their clientele needs. For instance, if you are planning a honeymoon, an anniversary, or a vacation with your partner, there are plenty of options that are adult-only. Similarly, if you are looking forward to a family retreat with your children, there are family resorts where you will have a fantastic experience.
Purchase a Bula pass for exploration
Before you explore these scenic islands, it is essential to buy a Bula pass that makes your travel convenient. You can use the pass to hop onto seaplanes and boats when you want to explore other places outside your resort.

Consider the time of the year for The Best Fiji Vacation Spots

The holiday season is packed with adventure lovers. If you do not like crowds, you can visit the islands during the off-season period between July and August when there are fewer people.

The Yasawa Islands are packed with everything that makes you yearn for a vacation. Prior planning is vital to ensure everything runs smoothly. You can find an affordable flight with Turtle Airways and discover this unmatched beauty.