Finding TheĀ Best Fiji Vacation Spots

Although the Yasawa Islands are tiny and less populated, there are tons of attractions and humble villages that will make you stay memorable. From the rugged terrains, classy resorts to activities such as snorkeling, you can get to sample all these if you chose them as your next tourist destination.

There is easy access, and although there are boats to get there, you will have much fun flying using a seaplane since you can get a clear view of the Island from a bird’s view. Also, some resorts can only be accessed by seaplanes, and this makes your trip even more fun. Let us dig into the best Fiji Vacation spots in the Yasawa Islands. Keep reading.

Yasawa Island Resort & Spa

the perfect Fiji HolidayExperience a taste of the traditional Fiji set by staying in the Yasawa Island Resort & Spa. The classic bures are a blend of traditional with a touch of modernity and transform your vacation into an exquisite tour.

Unwind in your sophisticated bure that is complete with an air-conditioning unit, minibar, and an iPod unit. The resort is a five star and offers delicious meals and non-alcoholic drinks to its guests. There are also lots of activities to indulge in.

Navutu Stars Resort

Play your honeymoon, anniversary, or vacation by staying at the Navutu Starts Resort. This is an exclusive five stars resort featuring a breathtaking garden and a spectacular beachfront. That is not all; it has one of the best romantic retreats.

You can enjoy a romantic dinner under the glittering stars while you enjoy the cool breeze from the breeze. It is an adult-only resort and a stay at the Grand Bure will be the highlight of your visit to this beautiful Island.

VOMO Island Resort

The VOMO Island Resort stands at the edge of the Mamanuca and Yasawa and is a paradise on earth. There are two private islands which are every traveler’s dream. There is a bucket full of activities, including picnics and a visit to the spa.

Some resorts are for adults only but not so with the VOMO resort. You can bring your whole family, to have unlimited fun at the kids’ village. There are lavish bures that have a fusion of English elegance and customary Fiji blaze.

Turtle Island Fiji

The Best Fiji Vacation Spots Are In The Yasawa IslandsThe Turtle Island Fiji is an exclusive Five Star resort in Yasawa Islands. Escape into this paradise by flying on a seaplane and forget about every day worries. Situated at the far edge of the blue lagoon, you get to board in one of the modern villas. The unexploited green gardens will intoxicate you, and the remarkable view of the ocean will linger in your mind for long. This is an addition to a horse ride to the conservation unit.

Whether you are going on vacation with your family or a romantic getaway, there is a wide variety of resorts in the Yasawa Islands where you can book your accommodation. Your vacation, coupled with plenty of activities, will be an exceptional one. Book your flight with Turtle Airways today and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime in Fiji.