Fiji covers the greater southwest Pacific region. The country comprises many islands scattered over 1.3 million sq. Kilometers. From an aerial view, getting around may seem quite easy, but when you set foot in Fiji, transportation may become a problem. With a limited infrastructure network, creating a Fiji itinerary may become a challenge, especially if you wish to hop from one island to the other within the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands of the Western Fiji Division.

Within the islands, there is a well-connected ground transport system, which makes it easy to explore the destination. The islands of Western Fiji, however, have been linked by catamaran, whose movements across one island to the other maybe curtailed by sea swells.

Turtle Airways offers quick and convenient seaplane flight services connecting Yasawa Island and the greater Western Fiji Division including Nadi, the capital of Viti Levu. Founded in 1979 by Richard Evanson, Turtle Airways is headquartered in Yasawa Island and offers scenic and short flights from the Fiji international airport within half an hour, which is a fraction of the time taken by boat.

Amphibious Seaplane vs. Boat

Getting to your Fiji resort islandOur seaplane services guarantee you a one-of-a-kind flight experience. Once the seaplane becomes airborne, you can catch breath-taking views of the fantastic Fijian Islands below. The clear waters offer an opportunity to see the colored coral reefs teeming with vibrant marine life. As the plane descends, you can get the real, close-up feel of the beauty of the Fijian seas.

A seaplane also improves accessibility to different destinations highlighted in your itinerary. While there are specific locations designated for anchoring of boats, sea pilots have limitless options of where to land. Whether the waters are calm or rough, a seaplane can conveniently land on the preferred shores.

Tips on Planning Your Fiji Itinerary

To make your visit and island hopping in Fiji a success, you need to have a proper plan. If you lack a travel plan, you can seek the services of a travel agent. However, if you’re an independent traveler who loves DIY stuff, then here are some tips to make your trip memorable.

Determine the Length of Your Vacation

Fiji has many exciting attractions, and adventures visitors can explore. That can make one spend as long as a month or a week hopping from island to island. To make the best planning details, you need to know the length of your stay. Having a clear understanding of the length of your vacation enables you to plan for other aspects of the trip.

Research on Fiji Climate

Plan your Fiji itineraryFiji has two seasons: dry and cold. Depending on your reason for travel, it is essential to understand the weather of Fiji. The dry season typically starts in July and ends in October. If you love the beach, or the sun, the dry season is the ideal travel time. Budget vacationers may find low-cost vacation options during April, May, October, and November when there is a high influx of visitors.


Many things to do await you for your Fiji itinerary, ranging from visits to the beaches, exploring the mountainous, green landscapes, and many water activities. Additionally, there are spas, restaurants, kid’s fun spots, and many more. While planning your itinerary, remember that these recreational pursuits vary from island to island. For instance, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are excellent destinations for upscale accommodation, underwater explorations, and spectacular views of the water.