Backpacking Fiji: Where To Go?

Do you want to have the best backpacking Fiji experience? As confident as it may seem to say, Yasawa Islands is one of the best holiday destinations for adult-only retreats, family getaways, affordable backpacker resorts, and cultural homestays. It boasts paradise islands complete with white sands, countryside island villages, and a feeling of unsurpassed tranquility.

How reliable are seaplanes as opposed to other means of transportation?

backpacking FijiIf you are looking to plan a week or a month trip to the backpacker resorts, then you will realize value for your money once you settle for Yasawa Islands. For starters, seaplanes are diverse flying boats landing on the water almost as they can on land. You can begin to imagine the combined boat ride adventure with being airborne and gain access to the best places in the Yasawa Islands. Turtle Airways will not only guarantee you this experience but will also tailor the rates to suit your budget.

Seaplanes are diverse; they come in all shapes and sizes. The seaplane will reduce your travel time and grant you an aerial view of the forest and jungles at low heights. Nature lovers will have an up-close view of the natural surrounding as well as the wildlife in their natural setting. They are exclusively tailored to reach even the remotest areas inaccessible by other modes of transport. While on board, you will get to interact with a knowledgeable pilot summing up as a tour guide to offer pre-flight interactions. Also, you will also be allowed to select places you want to explore so that you can enjoy access to paradise islands.

Why Choose Turtle Airways?

Once you arrive at Nadi International Airport, you have the choice of selecting the best airline service to transport you to the island of your choice. This is where Turtle Airways comes into play. After exploring all other options, you will realize that the flight service has budget-friendly rates and reliable services to guarantee your comfort and airborne experience.

Turtle Airways understands that your security is paramount even when exploring the remotest tourist sites. Once you land in any reserved resorts, there will be taxis waiting to pick you. From the world-class facilities, the waiting lounge to the bathroom, there is no doubt about the kind of experience you will have; life on the fast lane. While at it, enjoy sending cool pictures to your loved ones back at home, thanks to free internet access on the beaches inside the resorts.

If you have never flown on a plane before, then this is the right moment to awaken your dreams, in style. You see, Turtle Airways has float planes that can land anywhere, thus allowing you to alight and explore Yasawa Islands from a closer range. Also, they are the safest means of transport, even on mountainous terrain and tropical jungles. There is no doubt the island is everything you want as backpacker vacationer in Fiji. Remember to carry your camera to capture all the breathtaking moments to share with your loved ones once the tour is over.