Fiji Seaplane Tour

Imagine being able to have the beautiful natural paradise of Fiji at your fingertips. With a privately booked seaplane tour, you will have the Fiji islands at your disposal. A seaplane can take you and your partner away from the crowded public beaches and onto your own private paradise.

The Romantic Side of Turtle Island Fiji

Conde Nast Traveler rated the secluded beauty of Turtle Island as a ‘hyper romantic’ vacation. This place is almost divinely designed to kindle up the flames of true love, ignite simmering passions and create a wonderful experience for you and your precious loved one.

On the ground, the resorts and beaches have it all, from a friendly and welcoming native culture to fine French gourmet dining. This is truly paradise come to life. The air is warm and pure. The seas are gentle; perfect for a day in the blue lagoons. The beaches are pristine white sand. This is just the place for a perfect lover’s tryst! Being able to get away from any distraction and everyone via seaplane just adds the perfect final touch.

Fly to Glorious Seclusion

Secluded Fiji IslandEvery lover knows just how important it is to be able to get away from other people. Now, envision being able to to flit to any tucked away beach and little knock you desire on this island paradise. Just you and your lover, the only humans on a perfect beach beside a warm lagoon. There is no possibility for your love nest to be invaded; the only way in is by seaplane.

Turtle Airways offers privately booked seaplane tours to take you and your loved one anywhere in Fiji, safely and discreetly. The plane is not dependent upon an airstrip. All it needs is a clear stretch of water to touch down and take off, making it able to go nearly anywhere. This means that you and your loved one can simply pack a picnic lunch and take off into the air. You can have your choice of a genuinely private beach for an unforgettable journey in one of the most naturally gorgeous places on earth. You will be wrapped in the arms of your lover, alone in Eden. This is a once in a lifetime experience, available by booking a private flight.

Amazing Scenery

If an afternoon in paradise doesn’t suit the two of you, there is much more to enjoy by air. See the amazing entirety of this little jewel in the sea by air. You can flit across the clear blue water on your private seaplane tour and see the lush green jungle up close and in comfort. Look down and wonder at the red corals and colorful wildlife that calls these seas home. Bring along four more friends for a fun afternoon outing that you will never forget.

Fast and Convenient Service

Turtle Airways offers the swiftest travel option for many resorts and locations. We fly every other hour sunrise to sunset from our base to many of the lovely locations of Fiji. We can also safely take you to and from the Mamanuca Islands and the Yasawa Islands in complete style. We are the longest flying seaplane service on Fiji, and for the last 30 years we have offered a safe and affordable priced airway travel service. Our seaplane tour packages make your romantic escape a transcendent experience.