Pacific Island Transfers, Fiji

Paradise Cove Fiji: A Romantic Fiji Getaway

Ocean water so clear and blue it beckons you to take a swim, while welcoming sand and swaying palm trees entice you to lay beneath and enjoy the tropics as nature itself designed them to be. This is Fiji, a place of beauty and romance, one in which the vacation of your dreams will come true.

When you come to Fiji, Paradise Cove will await you with open arms. Basking in the glory of sun kissed shores and offering facilities rarely found anywhere else, Paradise Cove Fiji blends tradition and modernity with comfort and peace in a way only a wondrous resort such as this can. Wherever you turn your eyes will be filled with wonder at the surrounding beauty and restful environment, making you want to return over and over again.

Island Transfers, Fiji

But nothing can compare to the awe and marvel you will experience as you approach Paradise Cove Fiji or Turtle Island on board a seaplane designed to provide a sightseeing experience you will never forget. Drink in the beauty of your surroundings and revel in the glow of the sun as you take it all in from above. Because nothing can make the picture of the beauty of Fiji as complete as an aerial tour can.

Whether you have been here before, or it is your first time, make sure you set aside some time to book a tour on our well-equipped sea planes and let us show you around the islands in a way only doing it from the air can. Step out of our comfortable planes and into the adventure of a lifetime, surrounded by the luxury and excitement of Paradise Cove Fiji. Let us show you the mystery and magic of the islands as you fly from one to the next in the most comfortable way, and get to your destination quickly and easily without the hassle and long wait of other means.

Pacific Island Seaplanes: Sightseeing Tours

fiji island transfersBecause a visit to Fiji is never complete without sightseeing, and there is nothing like experiencing  it from the air, at Turtle Airways we strive to make your vacation complete while providing the best service we can. From sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, Turtle Airways has maintained a clean service record for over three decades, ensuring your experience is pleasant and carefree.

Fall in love all over again by the waning light of the day in sunsets so beautiful you will be swept off your feet time and time again after enjoying a day of island hopping and sightseeing on a sea plane from Turtle Airways. Enjoy the fresh evening breeze as you sip a delightfully decorated drink by the pool as the ocean air caresses your skin with Paradise Cove Fiji at your back. No matter why you visit, and no matter who you bring, Fiji is sure to meet all the standards set by your wildest dreams.

And remember, when you take a flight into paradise, your life will change forever, because the sights and sounds of the islands will keep calling you back in a magically wonderful way. Because once Fiji finds its way into your heart, it will continue to beckon you into its adventurous arms, making you want to return again and again to relive the vacation experience you thought could only happen once in your life.