romantic-fijiLove is truly one of the greatest graces that human beings are blessed with. Finding the one other person that truly completes you is a feeling like no other. But in this modern world full of distractions, it is all to easy to take that amazing connection for granted.

This winter, take a break from the countless family engagements, work gatherings, and bitter cold, and head to the sultry warmth of the south pacific with your loved one.

What better way to remind someone that they are your better half then a tropical week in paradise with just the two of you. Two people made one. The perfection of the natural order in the Fiji, the perfection of nature.

Fiji’s majestic Yasawa Island chain has only been opened to land based tourism since the late 1980’s. This has allowed these volcanic islands to preserve their natural beauty in a way that is seldom seen in other tourist destinations. Traveling to the Yasawa islands is truly like stepping back in time to the garden of Eden. An untouched paradise where only you, and your loved one exist.

On these islands, the two of you can bask in the warmth of a private beach, scuba dive in the pristine waters of a blue lagoon, Kayak or sail, hike or go horseback riding. Or you can lounge in a hammock, or in your private beachside bungalow. Fiji truly is the place for lovers.

Of course, getting to the Yasawa Island Chain is a bit more complex then just booking a flight to Fiji. The Yasawa islands are about 50 miles off the coast of Viti Levu. You can fly into the international airport in Nadi, but from there, you still need to get out to Yasawa. There is a boat that leaves Nadi once per day and takes 4-5 hours to get to Yasawa. Turtle Airways offers a better solution. Our seaplanes can make the trip from Nadi to your Yasawa island resort in about 30 minutes, and we have flights leaving Nadi almost every hour. So no matter what time your flight arrives in Nadi, or what time your flight home is, we can get you where you need to be with less time waiting, and more time enjoying your vacation in Fiji.

private-romantic-fiji-islandIn addition, Turtle Airways offers several other services including low flying scenic flights. Imagine seeing the volcanic peaks and bush forests of the Yasawa islands from above the tree tops, or peering down through the clear waters of the many lagoons from above the waves. Make sure you have your camera ready, because words can’t describe the beauty of Fiji from the air.

Turtle Airways also offers day trips and custom charters. Are you looking to dive the Sawa-i-lau caves? Or maybe swim in the Blue Lagoon made famous in the film of the same name? Or maybe you just want to spend the day on a truly deserted island. Just the two of you, in your own, private world together.

Contact Turtle Airways for all your Fijian travel needs, and we will help make your romantic island escape one that you will never forget.