summer-in-fijiIt’s wintertime again in the northern hemisphere, and we know what that means. Time to shovel your car out of snow, scrape the ice off of your windshield and enjoy holiday traffic on the way to work. As a sun worshiper, I’ve always found it rather distressing when the sun is down by the time I get out of work during the winter. However dreams of warm tropical beaches can come true in the winter time, you just need to head to the southern hemisphere. There is no better escape from the harsh cold of winter then a warm tropical vacation in Fiji.

Since seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, Fiji’s average temperature during December, January and February is in the upper 80’s Fahrenheit (lower 30’s Celsius). This means you can leave the blizzard behind and start spending warm days on the beach in a bathing suit.

Looking for a New Years adventure like no other? Fiji sits on the international date line. Making it one of the only places you can celebrate new years 2 days in a row! The 180 degree meridian passes through the island of Taveuni. On one side, it is today, on the other side, it is 24 hours earlier. To avoid confusion, the “observed international date line” was moved off shore years ago, but the true international date line , the 180 degree meridian, is still runs through Taveuni, and is marked with a sign.

fiji-fish-looking-at-usWhat could possibly be a more romantic getaway for Valentines day in February then to spend a sun drenched week with your loved one on one of Fiji’s magnificent Yasawa Island resorts. The Yasawa Island Chain is a relatively untouched south pacific paradise that has only been opened to land based tourism since the late 1980’s. The small, eco friendly resorts that dot the islands are the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Because really, how romantic is layered clothes and ice skating when you can do bathing suits and snorkeling.

So if you plan on making a break from the ice chill of the polar vortex, and want to head to the sultry warmth of the south pacific, let Turtle Airways help you get around Fiji. With flights from Nadi to the Yasawa or Mamanuca islands leaving hourly, Turtle Airways can get you to your resort faster and in style. Our flights out to Yasawa take less then 30 minutes and offer some of the most spectacular views of the Fijian islands you will ever see.

Turtle Airways also offers day trips, low flying scenic flights, and custom charters. So make the most of your winter by enjoying the summer in Fiji and let Turtle Airways help you get there!