With over 300 islands in Fiji, it can be challenging to choose the ideal island to visit. To aid your selection, let’s take a glance of the two most stunning groups- the Mamanucas and the Yasawas. These Fijian islands are idyllic paradises, renowned for their sparkling azure waters and picturesque beaches, intriguing culture and the kindliest people in the world.

Family Vacation to FijiResorts Covered For Breathtaking Experience

Yasawa group of Island Resorts

Navutu Stars Resort

Capturing the island paradise of the crystal-clear aqua blue water, as the flight to Navutu soar low over the luscious tropical seascapes is excellent fun. Moreover, the family enjoys a quiet holiday away from home at Navulu. Other highlights are the beachfront, Bures, yoga, and spa in the resort. For water sports fans, snorkeling entertains. Cultural diversity concerned family can pay a visit to the village and cultural offerings.

Nanuya Island Resort

Price conscious family gets better accommodation rates in Nanuya. In this idyllic resort, a family de-stresses faster. Deluxe villas, blue lagoon, treetop Fijian Bures, snorkeling, and white sandy beaches are highlights too.

Coral View Island Resort

An exhilaration-seeking family tests their skills in shark diving, kayaking, and snorkeling on marine reserve beachfront. Exploring the aerial kingdom solves their neurotic ideas on Coral View.

Blue Lagoon Beach Resort

A gourmet family participates in Famous Curry Night where they share a meal from different cultures. A handline fish trip sounds great to own meals fans. Plantation tour to Coconut Oil Company in Nayotua village excites the family. Limestone wall and Sawa-I-Lau limestones are also worth exploring.

Mamanuca Group of Islands

Malolo Resort

Nature-loving family finds Malolo Resort matching their ideals as it epitomizes plantation-style lodging design. Malolo is a place of peace and thus perfect for de-stressing and relaxing.

Castaway Resort

Family fans to the renowned Tom Hank Movie access Monuriki Island, the original movie-filming place. Most of the Island covered by dense rain forest makes the island pristine, private, and thus suitable for hop excursion.

Mana Island Resort

Environmentally conscious family confirms their ideals as they witness coral regeneration, turtle breeding, removal of the crown of thorns starfish, marine sanctuary projects at Mana Island. Wining and dining activities help test a family palate by sampling different food items and wines.


During the flight to Tadrai Resort, a family notices outlying islands of the reef and the setting sun in the horizon through the windows. Surfing the Pacific motivates thrill seekers.

Plantation Island Resort

From the air, the family notices the island looks green from the horizon. Participating in swimming activities in blue lagoon pools, surfing on the lexeme evening star at high tides and choose from seven possible breaks, golfing on a 9-hole tropical golf course, scuba diving to see turtles, mantra-rays dolphins on the ocean side of the Mamanuca barrier reef add to the family’s experience.

Musket Cove

The family enjoys Catamaran Sailing using white wings, Musket Cove Yacht Club, attending racing and cruising yachts from the world, Island hopping, snorkeling and exploring hillside, and tropical gardens.

Unique benefits of using Turtle Airways seaplane to your desired resort

Flexible choices

Based on your desire for remarkable lifetime experience in Fiji, you choose between a single destination and multi-island adventure to pristine locations of the resorts in the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands.

Personalized Customer service

Turtle Airways consider you as their priority and thus offer prompt response to guide your desired trip. You are sure to get customized trip to resorts that will help you have an exceptional stay in Fiji.

Convenient service delivery

With 30 and 15 minutes, you’ll reach Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands from Nadi Airport respectively. If you opt for beach-to-beach transfer, flights depart on an hourly basis and take 12 to 15 min to connect you to your preferred resort. You only have to book the correct timing for possible six flights a day.

Competitive fare

The ticket options for you are the lowest possible rates of F$380 and F$350 per person for Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands respectively unlike the competitors who charge even higher. You are sure to get remarkable experience for less.

The Takeaway

Given the wide array of resorts and the adventures, the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are prime beach holiday destinations for your family. However, the resorts in these astounding islands are not a walking distance, and neither can you drive there. However, Turtle Airways have you covered. We offer day trips and resort transfers between Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. You can also enjoy the aerial view of Fiji with the sightseeing Turtle Airways seaplane flight to have a vacation of your life.