What Makes For the Ultimate Spring Break Experience?

the ultimate spring break in fijiSpring break is coming up soon, meaning that it is time for college students to start thinking about their destinations of choice. Since their vacation will last no more than a week, they should make sure to choose a place where they can pack in as much fun and excitement as possible, which is exactly what they will find if they choose to visit Fiji’s Yasawa Islands.

Why Should Students Visit the Yasawa Islands For the Ultimate Spring Break Experience?

Spring break in Fiji is a great idea for a number of reasons. For example, the island country is warm and welcoming, which will come as an excellent change from a northern hemisphere that is still shrugging off the last vestiges of winter. Furthermore, Fiji can claim to host outstanding tourist accommodations as well as some of the most fascinating natural sites that can be found on the planet, meaning that it offers plenty to do for people with all sorts of hobbies and interests.

However, it is important to note that different parts of Fiji offer different things, meaning that some can make for a better spring break experience than others. In particular, you should consider the Yasawa Islands, which are a less-travelled part of Fiji that wasn’t opened up for tourism up until the late 1980s. As a result, while they have seen more than enough development for them to be able to accommodate visitors in a comfortable way, they remain much less frequented, meaning that they can provide interested individuals with a much better idea of what Fiji’s natural landscape is really like in an up-close and personal manner. In more practical terms, this means that if you choose to visit one of the multiple resorts that can be found in the Yasawa Islands, you will have the chance to climb the heights, explore the rainforests, swim in the waters, and see even more interesting sites that those that have been listed so far. Alternatively, if you are more interested in some rest and relaxation than seeing your surroundings, there is still the always popular option of spending some time on the white sand beaches where the land meets the sea.

What Is the Best Way to Visit the Yasawa Islands?

Of course, once you have decided to visit the Yasawa Islands for your spring break, there is still the matter of getting there. You could take a boat but there is a much better solution in the form of Turtle Airways, which can take you where you want to go in one of our fast but nonetheless comfortable seaplanes. Better still, seeing Fiji’s scenic beauty from the air is sure to start your spring break on the right note by filling your brain with wonderful sights and sounds that will stay with you for an entire lifetime.

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