Navutu Stars Fiji

Travelers to the Navutu Stars Fiji resort have the opportunity to experience the stunning ocean and beach scenery in an intimate and inviting location. For most people, Fiji is a dream vacation. For the lucky few, it becomes the trip of a lifetime. To really explore the splendors of the area, a sightseeing tour with Turtle Airways offers aerial views of indescribable beauty.

Turtle Airways Sea Plane Services Available at the Navutu Stars Fji Resort

The Navutu Stars resort is located on the north side of Yageta Island in Fiji. With a private white sand beachfront and the crystal clear waters of the bay, vacationers dine on fresh seafood and mouth-watering locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Turtle Airways provides local charter planes and transfers to all of the Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands.

With transfer planes leaving every hour, vacationers aren’t required to waste precious Fiji holiday time hanging around the main airport after arrival. Turtle Airways jump starts your remarkable Fiji dream vacation by flying low allowing their passengers to spot the colorful coral and prolific aquatic life in the ocean.

Large groups can easily make arrangements for chartered airplanes but the gem of Turtle Airways flight packages are the aerial sightseeing tours.

Best Way to Experience Fiji: Scenic Aerial Tours

Paradise-Cove-SeaplaneNavutu Stars Fiji vacationers have the opportunity to book one of Turtle Airways scenic flights. The maximum number of passengers on single flight is six creating opportunities for spectacular viewing.

Mystery flights are available during transfers to one of many different Fiji resorts. These are offered exclusively on a space available basis. Regular flights are also scheduled for Turtle Island, the filming location for the Brooke Shield’s movie, Blue Lagoon, and the site of the 2010 photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition.

With year round temperate weather and stunning ocean blues, the aerial views of Fiji’s 333 islands offer spectacular visions of the gorgeous beaches and coral reefs. The planes are amphibious so visitors arrive and land in the shallow waters surrounding habitable resort regions. Once the plane has landed and you’ve made your way through the welcoming waters to the beachfront, you will never think of air travel in the same way again.

Our trained pilots make a point of flying low to keep an eye out for whales, dolphins, and other marine life that plays in the surrounding waters. The waters range from deep turquoise to brilliant blue for a spectacular sea palette dotted with coral pinks and the tropical greenery.

Setting Up Travel with Turtle Airways

Turtle Airways has been in business for more than 30 years serving resorts such as the Navutu Stars. With a safe flying record, amenable well-trained pilots who love their jobs, and excellent customer service, Turtle Airways is committed to working with their passengers to ensure that they get the most out of their dream Fiji holiday.

Flights begin to depart from Nadi at 7 am and continue every other hour throughout the day. Departure times do vary depending upon passenger flight times into and out of Fiji. This willingness to make accommodations for each of our passengers is characteristic of Fiji hospitality. Turtle Airways schedules according to passenger need, not an external time-table.