Are you considering a trip to the Fiji Islands but dread the thought of a long boat trip from the major airport where your plane lands to Your exclusive Fiji resorts? When planning your vacation destination to a Fiji resort in the Fiji Islands, consider saving yourself 6-7 hours of precious vacation time by completely eliminating the need for a boat trip. How are you going to save this immense amount of time? You’ll save this time by traveling from the major airport where you landed to the resort of your choice via aSeaplane.

Save Valuable and Precious Time with a Seaplane Airline

Seaplanes are offered exclusively for Fiji Island travelers. They are a quick way to get from Point A to Point B in class, minus wasting any of your valuable and precious time. Just how fast are they? Get to your destination in as little as 15 minutes. Arrive well-rested and ready to start your vacation with excitement instead of exhaustion from a long boat ride.

Other Additional Benefits of Seaplanes

As an additional benefit, you’ll enjoy the beautiful island views of your travel destination from the air. Riding in a seaplane offers you a once in a life time opportunity to take snapshots of breathtakingly beautiful ocean and island views. Another benefit to traveling via a seaplane is that if you need to travel from island-to-island, a seaplane is able to assist you with inter-island transfers as well. This is a quick way to arrive first class to any island destination.

How to Transfer to a Seaplane

discover-turtle-islandIf you’re wondering how to get from the main airport to a seaplane airport, that’s a good question. When planning your trip, you’ll want to first ask your resort if they may possibly offer transportation from the main airport to the seaplane airport. You also have the option of taking a taxi.

For your convenience, at the Nadi Airport of the Fiji Islands, you’ll find yellow taxi’s waiting right outside for visitors arriving to the islands. Traveling from the airport to the seaplane airport is fast and typically takes as little as 15 minutes.

This will, however, depend upon which airport you’re traveling from. Other travel options may be available, as well. Just ask the receptionist of your resort’s hotel for more detailed travel information.

Seaplane Passenger and Baggage Information

If you’re interested in using a seaplane during your travels, you should know that seaplanes allow a maximum of 6 passengers at a time. This is for weight capacity reasons. Before planning a trip with a seaplane, especially from the main airport, you’ll want to contact the seaplane airline to find out if your baggage is acceptable. Baggage capacity will vary depending upon the size and weight of the baggage.

Who to Call for Seaplane Service

When you’re ready for the services of a seaplane airline, contact Turtle Airways. Turtle Airways is an exclusive Fiji resorts airline. Turtle Airways can get you to your resort of choice and can assist you with inter-island transfers as well. There is a minimum of 2 passengers per booking, however, if you require a single passenger booking, you can request assistance. Single passenger bookings are accepted depending upon the availability of space. Now that you know who to call, don’t forget to have your camera ready when you take flight.