When we go on a business trip, we usually know what to pack.  The same can be said when we visit family for the holidays.  Most of us even know what to pack if we are just taking a trip to the local seashore for a getaway.  But if you are traveling half way around the world to a tropical island paradise isolated in the middle of the South Pacific. . .  well that can be different. 

So what do you need to pack for an enjoyable Fiji vacation? What should you just pick up while you are in Fiji, and what is better to bring with you? These are a few of the questions we will attempt to answer here. 

What Clothing Should You Pack?

What You Need To Pack For An Enjoyable Fiji VacationSwimsuits is the top clothing item to bring for an enjoyable Fiji vacation.  After all, it is an island paradise, and you will spend much of your time on the beach or in the water.  Whether you come to Fiji in the summer or the winter, it is always warm and pleasant.  

However, if you plan to visit an Fijian village, and we recommend you do, you need to bring something a bit more conservative.  Thongs and speedos may be fine for the beach, but in a village, you should cover up some.  A shirt that covers the shoulders is recommended and a sarong or shorts that come down to the knees is a good choice.  Even though a hat is a great idea for sightseeing and protecting your head from the sun, it is not advisable to where a hat in a Fijian village. 

If you are going to be in Fiji during Fiji’s Winter (summer in the northern hemisphere), you could bring a lite jacket or sweater if you get cold fast as the temperature does drop into the low 70’s (Fahrenheit) at night.  You should also have sandals and shoes that you would be comfortable hiking around the island in. 


Toiletries are the one place you don’t to skimp when taking a trip to Fiji.  Although you can get most of what you need there, it is far more expensive then it is at home.  Of course, your resort will supply toilet paper and things of that nature, you should bring anything that you like a particular brand of. Toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash and things of that nature will be cheaper to bring then to buy at the resort gift shop. You also want to make sure to bring sunscreen, bug repellent and some common medical products like aspirin and antacid as these too will be very expensive to buy when you are on an island that has no stores outside of the resort.


Most Fiji vacation resorts have Wi-Fi. If not in ever room, then in a common area. As a result, you will be able to use your laptop or tablet with ease while in Fiji. Make sure to bring your charges with you as well. Fiji uses the same power system as New Zealand and has 240 volt power, so you may need adapters. Check with your resort to be sure as some resorts run off of generators or solar power and use a different system. As a result, it is usually advisable to bring a power strip from home. Then you can use that to charge all of your devices, even if you only have one adapter available in your room.

Some people may prefer to go “off grid” while on vacation. That is fine. Of course, even you don’t want to have contact with the outside world, you may still want an e-reader. We also highly recommend everyone visiting Fiji bring a camera. We understand that most of you like to use your phone as a camera, but you don’t want to fill up your memory on your phone half way through your trip. Therefore we recommend a stand alone camera. Either an SLR or a simple point and shoot (that has video capabilities as well). You may also want some extra memory cards for your camera.

Pack What You Need For An Enjoyable Fiji Vacation

Pack what you need and head to Fiji for an amazing tropical island vacation. Contact Turtle Airways to get to your resort, or just to do some sight seeing or go on one of our amazing day trips. For many, a Fiji Vacation is a once in a lifetime trip. We recommend you make the most of it!