If you are planning for your holiday, getaway, or even honeymoon to an incredible place, then the Yasawa islands in Fiji is the perfect place. Yasawa island beaches and reefs are some of the most scenic, exclusive, and irresistibly adventurous. Once there, the ideal place to stay is in a resort, and if you are wondering just how to choose the best Fiji resort in the Yasawa islands, we will provide a full guide on what to consider.

Your Budget

3 Best Budget Friendly Resorts in Fiji’s Yasawa IslandsOne of the best things about traveling to the Yasawa islands is that you can go there on any budget. Before anything else, consider how much you want to spend. A low budget does not necessarily mean a low-quality resort, so do some research that will get you the best package. A great way to cut costs, and the fastest way to get to the Islands from the mainland is by a seaplane, and your best bet is Turtle Airways. Turtle Airways is a well known, and trustworthy line that gets tourists to the Yasawa islands. By air, it will take you about 30 minutes to get there.


The Yasawa Islands are so beautiful, with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters that any resort is bound to be scenic. Before you choose your Fiji resort, ensure that you know where all of them are located, and if the activities they offer are those you are looking for. Get to a place that suits your taste. Of course, in Fiji you can never miss an option.


Once you evaluate the available resorts in the Yasawa islands, check out what facilities each has to offer. Check the room accommodations, services, amenities, and the costs that come with it depending on how long you intend to say. Some of the excellent Yasawa resorts will offer you so much more than you expect. Stay in a place you can afford.

Family Friendliness

Best Fiji ResortIf you are vacationing with your kids, you need to know if the resort is family friendly and whether both you and your kids will have fun together. Different resorts offer different services, and some might not include children activities. You can also check if the resort allows a pet, in case you want to take your pet with you.

The size of the resort

Some people, especially when honeymooning want to stay in a small cozy resort where they will enjoy each other. However, others want a large resort where they can meet new people and make friends.

All inclusivity

There are all-inclusive resorts and other that are not. Check whether the resort offers everything, from food to accommodation, or whether you have to take some things with you.

Turtle Airways Services provides shuttle services as well from Nadi to the base. The services will also take you back to Nadi once your vacation is over.

With these factors, you should be able to pick the best Fiji resort. Using the Turtle Airways to get there will offer you an opportunity to view the islands from above, which will be a remarkable sight.