Seeing untainted and virgin world territories gives people life-long impressions of awe. In this respect, the Pacific Islands in Melanesia are the perfect choice with Fiji being top on the preference list. These islands have lush tropical forests complemented by beautiful white sandy beaches on the Pacific waters. The Fiji archipelago, therefore, presents a situation where tourists are spoilt for choice as everything is spectacular.

To get started on planning a trip to Fiji, it is important to consider the following Factors;

Summer Vacation in FijiThe Fijian Climate

The Archipelago climate is that of a warm tropical weather with few extremes. The cold season starts from May to October where rains are minimum and the temperatures average 22 °C (72 °F). On the other hand, the warm season is between November and April where there are increased rainfalls and higher temperatures. In considering the weather patterns, you might decide whether you want to spend more time indoors or outdoors.

Flying is a Better Experience

Getting a bird’s eye view of the Islands and Islets is a whole experience on itself. This is because some of the Fijian topographical and marine features are unique to the world. The Turtle Airways offers you this treat by transporting you from the Nadi International Airport in the Capital, Suva to your resort in either Yasawa Islands, or the trendy Mamanuca Islands.

Is it Yasawa Islands…

For nature, enthusiasts, the Yasawa Islands offer an experience that few places on earth can offer. Restricted until the 50s, this paradise on earth is largely untouched by modernism save for the beautiful resorts that blend with nature itself. The resorts are moderately priced with options that suit your budget. Further, these resorts are managed by Fijians enabling you to experience their outlandish culture through cuisine, music, dances, folk songs, and architecture first-hand.

Some of the top accommodation resorts are;

  • Yasawa Island Resort and Spa
  • Navutu Stars Resort Yasawa Islands
  • Oarsman’s Bay Lodge
  • Botaira Resort
  • Safe Landing Resort
  • Turtle Island

The Turtle Airways can directly connect you from the airport to these resorts. In most cases, you would be too awed by the general atmosphere to think of anything else. You can participate in activities such as flashpacking, backpacking, snorkeling, sailing, kayaking just to mention a few.

…or Mamanuca Islands?

getting to your customized south pacific holidaySouth of the Yasawa Island is the Mamanuca Island, this place is modern and boasts of award-winning international getaway resorts. You will be spoilt for choice in what to do both at the Pacific turquoise waters, the wild coconut jungles and the resort spas, swimming pools and so on.

To make the best of your time, you have to loosen up and let life take its course by doing different things every day and not dwelling on one activity. This is because you might dwell one breath-taking activity such as kayaking or bird watching every day and completely miss the wonders of other activities such as surfing on the world famous “cloudbreak” tide.

Some great resorts to consider are;

  • Vomo Island Resort
  • Likuliku Lagoon Resort – Adults Only
  • Castaway Island, Fiji
  • Funky Fish Beach & Surf Resort

Planning Should not be Stressful

With online bookings, getting accommodation is easier. With the Fijian Authorities supporting tourism, visa processing is hustle-free, especially for Commonwealth residents. Partnering with Turtle Airways will enable you to see the most remote islets of Mamanuca and Yasawa as well as see nature in its purest form.