Comprising of approximately 333 islands and more than 100 of those islands inhabited, Fiji is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,300 miles from New Zealand and some 2,000 kilometers east of Australia. The tropical islands were mostly formed by volcanic activity and now provide the foundation for the country’s diverse landscape. It is undeniably, one of the most romantic destinations on earth.

Planning A Fiji HoneymoonWhen to go

If planning for Fiji honeymoon you need to find out what time of year will suit your visit. However, the seasonal variations in Fiji are not extreme, and temperatures stay pretty constant through the whole year. Peak season occurs between July and September when the weather is dry and sunny. For a Fiji honeymoon experience that you have always dreamed of, the best time to visit is from July to September, but you will have to bear with sky-high prices. Late September or late March, is also ideal for a romantic experience, the moon is full, and the dark silhouettes of the mountains are outstanding. During sunset the sun rays reflect off the bays to bring out the deepest color shades in the waters. Also, expect typical low temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees depending on the season but usually make for some relaxed evenings.

Getting there

You and your loved one can only arrive in Fiji by plane. You will land at Nadi International Airport (NAN) which is Fiji’s main airport. The airport is located on Viti Levu Island, which is about 117 miles from Suva, Fiji’s capital city. For a romantic experience in Fiji’s outer islands, you will need to arrange for seaplane travel. Seaplane is the most popular way to travel between islands as it provides a beautiful view of Fiji islands from above. One of the safest and reliable Seaplane Company, serving the Fiji Islands for over 30 years is Turtle Airways. It offers breathtaking low-flying scenic flights within the Mamanuca and Yasawa regions.

Where to go

The tropical islands of Fiji are a romantic holiday destination in their own right. Both Mamanuca and Yasawa regions are perfect for a Fiji honeymoon destination. The Mamanuca Islands are Fiji’s most famous group of islands, located west of Nadi. Here, you will find twenty spectacular palm-fringed islands that are home to some of Fiji’s unique resorts. With a fantastic range of water sports, including surfing, cruising, diving, boating, spa and more, honeymooners will enjoy fun-filled adventures and pleasant, romantic evenings. The Mamanuca region features magnificent white sand beaches and coral gardens which will leave you amazed by the pristine beauty that these Mamanuca islands have to offer. Honeymooners could also make lifetime memories by visiting the whole islands of Yasawa archipelago. This long, slender island is popular for its many secluded bays and unspoiled white sand beaches. Remote, rugged, uncommercialised and immensely beautiful Yasawa is ideal for honeymooners who are into hiking. As you head towards Waya Island, you will discover some of Fiji’s best trails.