It would be easy to mistake the Yasawa Islands of Fiji as paradise and you would be forgiven for it. The line of islands not only has the most beautiful natural beauty you will ever see anywhere on earth but the diversity of its resorts is astounding as well. It is a shame that such few people ever consider going on Spring Break in Fiji. They do not know what they are missing. The Yasawa Island Chain is made up of a line of about nine islands that stretch for about eighty kilometres. The distance between the islands is not that long but to it does require a plane to move around.

Travelling around the islands of Fiji is part and parcel of adventure. Travelling around the island in a boat is an option but it does not offer the range and convenience of air travel in these islands. Luckily, Turtle Airways offers flights in a sea plane all over the islands from which you can enjoy incredible scenery from above. The flights are usually very low so passengers can be as close to the scenery as possible. Another great feature about the Turtle Airways flights is their frequency. You can get a plane leaving any of the islands heading to another island pretty much every hour. With such regularity you would be hard pressed to say that there was somewhere you could not visit on the island. The fare prices are also to die for. Even the prices for chartering a flight are very low. Beautiful resorts, amazing beaches and cheap travel make visiting the Yasawa Islands of Fiji the ultimate Spring Break experience.

The Best Way to see Fiji is from aboveThe Yasawa Islands offer a unique experience for everyone. You can find Turtle Island which has miles of endless white sandy beach met by a sapphire sea. The Turtle Island is great for couples who like to be secluded. The resort is the midst of absolute natural beauty. The Yasawa Island Resort and Navutu Stars Resort are resorts that also offer solitude on beautiful beaches where you can busk in the sun all day and not have to worry about disturbance. The resorts are also very luxurious so you get the best of both worlds: natural and human-made comfort. The Nanuya Island Resort is also one of the best places to reside in when you visit the Yasawa Islands. Set next to a lagoon, the beaches are next to the clearest parcels of ocean water you will ever have the pleasure of seeing. Moreover, there are lodges such as Oarman’s Bay Lodge which have a very eco-friendly atmosphere and a certain warmth that all visitors have attested to.

Turtle Airways really offers vacationers a chance at a once in a life time experience. It is no mistake that models are taken for photoshoots on these islands and a movie was even shot here. The rainforests, beaches, reefs, tropical jungles and clear ocean waters of the Yasawa Islands are very uniquely exquisite. The above is not o mean that you have to live like uncivilized people. The resorts have electricity and some even have free Wi-Fi. It is a surprise that more people do not choose these islands as their choice of Spring Break vacation. If they knew what they were missing, they would be clamouring to visit this little slice of heaven.