As we slip past the Ides of March and into Spring we feel an invigoration as the cold winter is shaken from our brow. Life is returning to the fields and plants are beginning to push through the soil and reach for the sun.

Summer vacation in FijiSo to must we reach for the sun. It is time to plan for a summer vacation. It is time to plan for long walks on the beach, and lazy afternoons in a hammock. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and taste the salt of the air on your lips. What is summer without a trip to the beach?

The big question of course, is what beach to go to? The Mediterranean? The Caribbean? Might we recommend a south pacific paradise instead? The unspoiled beaches of Fiji truly are the best place to experience the ultimate summer beach vacation. And what is the best place to spend a summer vacation in Fiji? the pristine Yasawa Island Chain would be a good bet.

Recently voted “the happiest place on earth”, Fiji is uniquely situated in the South Pacific, and while summer in the northern hemisphere is actually winter in Fiji, The average temperature the Average high in June is 81 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low is 70. That is still perfect beach weather.

Land based tourism was prohibited in the Yasawa island chain until the 1980’s. This was able to successfully keep out the big build up you see in most tourist areas. Instead, the Yasawa islands are dotted with smaller resorts that cater to all types and all budgets. These resorts are mostly locally owned and operated, and are focused on preserving the habitat and lifestyles of the local Fijian people.

Located about 50 miles northwest of Viti Levu, getting to the Yasawa islands can take half a day by boat. However, Turtle Airways seaplanes can get you there in about half an hour. And unlike the boat (which makes 1 trip per day), our seaplanes depart from Nadi hourly. And we must say, we think the view is better from a seaplane as well.

You will want to have your camera ready as you depart on one of our low flying scenic flights. You will soar over amazing soft coral reefs that lie just below the surface of shimmering blue waters, You will gracefully fly over the treetops of tropical forests, and glide past volcanic peaks while on your way to the resort of your choosing. In many cases, Turtle Airways will land in the waters just off shore of your resort, and allow you to disembark on the very beach that you traveled so far to visit.

So whether you are looking for a luxurious all inclusive resort, or a budget friendly “backpacker resort”, Turtle Airways can make “getting there” as memorable as the vacation itself all while saving you time and letting you spend more time on the beach… and isn’t that what a summer vacation in Fiji is for?