fiji vacationDo You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Sleepless nights are the worst. The restless tossing and turning, the frequent bathroom trips, the anxiety about how tired you’ll be the next day… No one deserves to go through that.

If you have trouble sleeping, you’ve probably tried everything you possible: sleeping pills, expensive mattresses, custom-made pillows, herbal tea. And none of it’s worked.

Well, there’s something you haven’t tried. Something that will melt all of your worries and fears. Something that will refresh your body, mind, and spirit. Something that will give you the first good night of sleep you’ve had in forever.

That something is Fiji.

A South Pacific Haven

Picture this: you’re lounging in a hammock in the shade of two palm trees. A white sand beach and calm, turquoise ocean are on your right. To your left is a breathtaking view of a vibrant pacific island jungle. You take a sip of grog, a classic Fijian drink, from a coconut bowl.

After a few hours of bliss, you decide it’s time to explore. You hire a native of Fiji to take you deep into the tranquil jungles. A dazzling array of life surrounds you as you traverse the ancient trails. Beautiful waterfalls cascade over cliffs as the sun warms your face. Everything is beautiful and the word “stress” no longer has any meaning.

This is the way life should be.

Fiji is one of the few places on earth that can offer this kind of experience. You can’t get the gorgeous South Pacific weather, picturesque combination of beaches and jungles, and lively native culture anywhere else. It’s the perfect cure for a dreary, insomnia-filled life.

Going to Fiji is a great first step, but you have to be sure you go to the right island in order to get the full Fijian experience. Nadi is the main island, and many people end up staying there for the duration of their trip. Those people are making a big mistake though.

Fiji’s Hidden Gems

The outer islands of Yasawa and Mamanuca are where Fiji’s best qualities really come to light. Because most vacationers don’t want to make the trip over, they’re much less crowded than the main island. That means entire beaches and hiking trails all to yourself. You don’t have to lower your living quality though. The resorts on these islands are world-class in every sense of the word.

Most people avoid them because of the trip. They don’t want to spend hours on a small, dingy boat trying to get there. It’s a long and potentially dangerous trip. When you imagine yourself relaxing in the South Pacific, you probably don’t think about hours of nervously traveling the Pacific ocean on a boat.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. If you’d like to take your vacation to the next level and reach transcendental levels of relaxation, take a seaplane to Yasawa or Mamanuca. Turtle Airways offers affordable and fast flights from Nadi to the outer islands, so check out their inter-island service if you want to get the most out of your Fiji vacation.

A trip to Fiji could be the answer to your sleep problems and the stresses of life. Stop losing sleep and letting life pass you by. Book your trip today.