Fiji Seaplane TourThere is nothing like the romance of the Fiji Islands. The deep blue waters, the virgin rain-forests and the soft white sand beaches are among the world’s best. There is no more romantic backdrop when starting a new life together than this tropical paradise. Starting off the trip with a glorious flyover trip in a Turtle Airways seaplane is a great way to kick off your romantic Fiji honeymoon.

A Varied Landscape

The nation of Fiji covers well over 360,000 square miles and encompasses over 330 individual islands. Many of the picture perfect honeymooner’s resorts are located off of the beaten path on islands tucked away from the bustle of the modern world. These secluded islands are often only accessible by sea.

Imagine soaring over the Mamanucas Islands on your way to your romantic Fiji honeymoon suite. These small islands are like a string of pearls around the main islands of Fiji. They feature soaring peaks, white beaches with small pictures villages tucked in amongst the trees.

Timely Travel

Our seaplane will take a timely but scenic route. You and your beloved will arrive fresh, relaxed and ready to begin your romantic Fiji honeymoon in style. A boat trip takes longer and is subject to rough seas. Boat travelers also miss out on seeing the islands in style.

Our sea planes run two to six flights per day. Each trip takes an average of thirty minutes. Our planes reach most of the resorts of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. Our planes leave the berth at Wailoaloa Beach, ten minutes from Nadi Airport, and soar to resorts such as Blue Lagoon Beach, Safe Landing, Turtle Island, Viwa Resort, Barefoot Island Resort, Octopus Resort, Mana Island Resort, Castaway Island Resort, Musket Cove Resort and many more resorts along the islands.

In comparison, a boat trip will average five or six hours per trip. A boat will only make one trip per day. Most boats leave the docks at an early hour to return at a reasonable time. Some few resorts are served by traditional airplanes. These planes rely on the island having a landing strip. These planes fly at most once a day. They cannot reach many of the smaller islands at all.

landing-a-seaplaneOur Pilots, Your First Guide

Our professional pilots love this island and know it well. Our small planes are cozy for a friendly flight with a personal touch. They will be happy to share with you their knowledge of the islands. Ask about a great restaurant, a neat one-of-a-kind shop, the perfect beach for a couples picnic and snorkeling adventure, if they have a favorite, they will be happy to share.

Enjoy Yourself

Your romantic Fiji honeymoon should be as close to perfection as is possible. Each day should start and end exactly as you would wish. Each flight from Nadi starts in a comfortable way-station complete with Wi-Fi and easy access to great eateries. Once on board, you will feel a rush as the plane first speeds in and then skims over the smooth surface of the water. In the air you will be treated to a beautiful seascape studded with the green jewels of the Fiji Islands. Almost too soon your plane will be once again skimming the waters of the sea, to drop you off at your destination. It’s the best way to begin your romantic Fiji Honeymoon.