Seaplane-TourA getaway in Fiji can be the trip of a lifetime. Spread out over 360,000 square miles and over 330 individual islands, Fiji offers the possibility of sun drenched deserted beaches and untouched rain forest as well as bustling nightlife and fantastic cityscapes. With many destinations being located on different islands easy travel between islands is on the wings of a versatile seaplane. With Turtle Airways, no matter where you are staying the best vacation spots in Fiji are at your disposal.

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Nestled in the foothills of the Nausori Highlands, the landscaped gardens of the Sleeping Giant contain one of the world’s richest collections of beautiful orchids, and is one of the best vacation spots in Fiji. First planted in 1977 by the star of Perry Mason, Raymond Burr, this orchid haven covers over 20 hectares of carefully maintained tropical and native orchids, lilies and other beautiful botanical wonders.

Over the years he carefully selected some of the most beautiful species of orchid and other tropical plants for The Garden of the Sleeping Giant, his own private collection. While he has passed on, his collection of over 2,000 species of orchid is open to the public. Visitors can also enjoy a fine afternoon tea in his old holiday retreat.

Orchid Island

Dedicated to the long lost past, this natural river islet is old Fiji in miniature. Featuring Bure Kalou, a modern pagan Fiji temple and a small village, this is a place to see time honored traditions up close. Experience traditional customs, handicrafts and ancient rituals of some of the local peoples in a friendly atmosphere. A cultural museum and a large Drua watercraft round out the educational experience making Orchid Island one of the best vacation spots in Fiji.

octopus resort seaplaneBeqa Island

Another one of the best vacation spots in Fiji is a beautiful island located off the southern side of Vitu Levu, Bega Island is a diver’s dream. This island in paradise is surrounded by more than 100 diving sites. Slip into the clear blue water and into the world of a pristine soft coral reef. Even the most jaded diver will enjoy the rich variety of sea life to be seen in these seas. A diver will see amazing coral formations, blue ribbon eels, seahorses and a kaleidoscope of colorful ocean fishes. Most dives are beginner friendly and in waters less than 50 foot deep.

Bega Island is also home to the Sawau tribe. This tribe was the first Fijian people to practice the art of fire walking. Today the warriors of the tribe still practice their traditional art. Lucky visitors can see the men walk the burning hot coals from an earthen oven in traditional woven garb.

The Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

Fiji is home to the largest Hindu temple in the Southern Hemisphere. This three part temple provides religious services to the many practicing Hindus of Fiji. The main temple is dedicated to Murugan. This temple contains a specially crafted statue carved in India for this particular temple. The secondary temple celebrates the god Ganesh. The third section houses Shiva and Meenakshi.

This religious complex was built with the skill of eight Indian craftsmen who worked tirelessly to create a one of a kind temple. It is a great example of the blending of cultures that make up this island nation. Its architecture is traditional Dravidian typically only seen in India with Fijian touches. This amazing complex is a must see, and truly one of the best vacation spots in Fiji.

These are but a few of the best vacation spots to be found by seaplane in Fiji. The islands are full of hidden wonders and little gems just waiting to be discovered. Come explore them with Turtle Airways.