Amazing Things To See In Fiji

ESawa-i-lau-caves-wideveryone knows about or has heard of the very popular Fiji! If you have seen pictures or have only heard about it through word of mouth, you know Fiji is a beautiful and elegant place that many people love to visit and especially love to relax at. Although a lot of people may know about Fiji, most do not know of wonderful adventures and other islands you can embark upon by traveling through the Turtle Airways on their seaplanes. One of the most visited places that you can visit and have an excellent time at Sawa-i-lau Caves. This is one of the most popular day trips that you could choose to explore.

The Beautiful Sawa-i-lau Caves

Sawa-i-lau Caves are caves that are made from limestone… this island can be found off of the Southern tip of Yasawa Island which is why you have to travel by seaplane from the main island in Fiji. Once you get to Sawa-i-lau Caves you will see a ceremony that is traditionally done in Fiji. The cave guardians will perform this ceremony then you will be able to enter into the caves and explore them. You will find that there are three different caves. In each of these caves there are myths and legends that correlate with each one. It must be said that you have to swim to each cave, so swimwear is necessary when visiting the caves. It is also a great place that you will enjoy to dive under and have a look at all the beautiful things the Fiji water has to offer. You won’t be at all sad to explore the majestic views you will encounter when you get the opportunity to take a dive down under.

Fiji-Sawa-i-lau-cave-systemIn the first cave, you have to dive under the water and swim through a tunnel in order to enter it. The tide is generally really high and that is the only way you will be able to go into the cave. While under water you will see how crystal clear the water is and that is one of the best things about it. You can actually see where you’re going as well as explore the beauty of the water all at once. Once you are in the cave you will notice a lot of inscriptions that are on the walls. In the first cave you will see two different chambers that you can go through. In the first chamber you will notice it is very tall; there is a light that shines through the outer cave in the ceiling of that cave. Seeing the bright light shine through gives a majestic and earthly feel to the cave that adds excitement to it. In the second chamber you will see what is called the inner sanctum… this name is given because of the low ceiling that is in the cave; this fact makes it a intimate setting that many enjoy.

The second cave, known to the locals and visitors alike is called Pregnancy Cave, or Qara ni Bukete. And the third cave is called Spitting Cave or Qara ni Kasivi. Inside the caves you will find a villager of Fiji that will give you some history on the caves and of Fiji as well. It’s also good to have a torch or some light on the inside of the caves that don’t have an opening in the ceiling. It’s not all the way dark, but extra light is suggested. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself when diving in the caves. It is a sight and experience like no other.

Try A Turtle Airways Day Trip to Sawa-i-lau Caves

There’s no way you should visit Fiji without boarding a seaplane through Turtle Airways to visit Sawa-i-lau Caves. It’s an experience that will last you a lifetime that you will talk about for years to come.