If you are visiting Fiji for your honeymoon or maybe with someone important on a little Fiji Island getaway. You can enhance your Fiji experience through one of the many day trip packages offered by Turtle Airways.

Save yourself time and view some gorgeously striking sights of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands by travelling via a seaplane. The seaplane takes you to accessible activities on the islands that offer you the ideal mix of Fijian fun and moments of passion.

Enhance your Fiji experience

fijian-experiance-day-tripsUncover the enchantment of the Fiji Island’s with Turtle Airways. Select Turtle Airways for your island transport within the Nadi, Yasawa and Mamanuca regions, or go for an invigorating sight-seeing expedition by seaplane. Turtle Airways is the safest and longest serving Seaplane Company in Fiji and has been providing services on the Fiji Islands for more than three decades.

Day Trip Packages

Choose from our many electrifying ideas for your Fiji day outings. A seaplane gives you an added advantage of flying over tropical sea-sights from your point of origin to your destination.

We concentrate in wonderful day trips to the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. By travelling with Turtle Airways, you will get direct access to our years of air-travel experience in Fiji and the familiarity that accompanies it. We will show you the finest destinations and circumvent the ones you do not like. As experienced travelers ourselves we are well acquainted with what you are looking for and we arrange our tours around the places that are worth your time and hard-earned cash. Also, bear in mind that your Turtle Airways pilot can tailor your trip according to your interests, travel style, duration, and financial plan.

Regular and Reliable flights

fijian-experiance-seaplane-transfersRain, fog, or plenty of Fijian sunshine we guarantee you that Turtle Airways will offer a convenient connection of 2 to 6 flights per day. Dependability is key when you are traveling on a schedule and a financial plan; this means you can rest easy knowing that your flight will be on time and in line with your schedule.

We have perfected our route over the last 30 years to proffer you the best possible Fiji experience to ensure you make the most out of each Fiji day at your disposal.

Resort transport around Nadi, Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands

Our duty is to provide our passengers a fantastic low-flying picturesque transfer that is reliable safe, convenient, fast and reasonably priced. With inadequate fiesta time in Fiji, our passengers need to get more out of their holiday. We deliver on this, with flights leaving every other hour to the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands. Flight frequency reduces unnecessary delays in Nadi, and you are guaranteed to get that timely connection that permits for ‘same-day’ transfers. This enables you to get an extra night or two at your island resort. It is faster to get to your resort with Turtle Airways – It takes you only 15 minutes to get to the Mamanuca Islands, and 30 minutes to Yasawa Islands.

Most travelers go to Nadi twice, whether they like or not. Once on your way in and when you leave. It’s indelicately warm air greets you when you first step from the seaplane and its landing field is the last place to purchase sunburn creams before heading to your destination.

Take a Turtle Airways seaplane when you tour Fiji, and turn your island transfer into a spectacular low-flying picturesque flight.