Everyone seems to be more health conscious these days. We watch what we eat, we exercise, we make sure to get plenty of sleep. But what if I told you that a vacation to Fiji si good for your health?

A Vacation to Fiji is a Stress Reliever

Yasawa-islands-beachesEveryone knows that stress causes illness. High blood pressure, stomach ulcers, high anxiety, shortened attention span and fatigue are all common symptoms of stress.

When you are under a lot of stress, your body releases a hormone called Cortisol. Your body can also release Cortisol due to certain sounds. Sounds like traffic have been blamed for increased Cortisol production. However, sounds like ocean waves have been shown to reduce Cortisol levels.

Research has shown that the most relaxing sounds to listen to are soft in volume, low pitched, and have harmonic frequencies at regular intervals. The sound of ocean waves match all those criteria. Some researchers suggest that the sound of ocean waves has a deeper psychological effect. They claim that the sound of ocean waves triggers deep memories, and feelings of safety by recalling the womb and the sound of your mothers heartbeat.

There have also been studies that show that the brains pre-frontal cortex is stimulated by the sounds of ocean waves. This is important because the pre-frontal cortex is associated with emotion and self-reflection.

It isn’t just the sound of the waves that has health benefits. Ocean waves produce negative ions. Negative ions accelerate our bodies ability to absorb oxygen, and balance levels of serotonin in our bloodstream.

Oxygen is the element that sustains us. Our bodies use it to break down nutrients for absorption, and to eliminate poisons. Increasing the oxygen absorption in our bodies allows us to remain healthier, and allows our bodies to rejuvenate.

Serotonin has several functions in our bodies including the regulation of mood, appetite, and sleep, as well as helping with memory and learning.

Visually, scientists think our ancestors learned to always be on the lookout for predators. Places with obstructed views like forests, or their modern equivalent, cities, offered predators, and bandits places to hide, places to ambush us. These environments built up stress levels, while the flat, open surface of the ocean was a more predictable, stable environment that gave us peace of mind. It still does.

Other Ways Fiji is Good for Your Health

vacation-to-fiji-is-good-for-your-healthSalt is well known for it’s ability to absorb moisture. This is good for your lungs. Contagions, dirt, dust, and other foreign particles get into your lungs, and as a defense, your longs create mucus to encase these foreign particles. Salt in the ocean air helps to dry the mucus and lets it break free from your lungs so your body can expel it allowing you to breathe easier, and better.

Taking a walk on the beach isn’t just relaxing, but it is also very good for you. The unsteady nature of sand forces your feet and legs to use more muscles then are needed when walking on solid, level ground just to keep your balance. You may not think a simple walk along the shore is a work out, but it is. Also, the sand under your toes is an incredible exfoliator. Walking in the sand helps remove old, calloused, dead skin cells from your feet. The sand and salt in the water being churned about in the water also acts as an exfoliant. Swimming in the tides of the ocean helps keep your skin fresh and supple.

Getting Away to Fiji

Of course, getting away from your day to day stressors is the best way to reduce stress, and heading to the South Pacific is definitely “getting away”. For a true “getting away” experience, we suggest heading to Fiji’s outlying islands like the Mamanuca, or Yasawa Island groups. Away from the cities, and the stress that comes with them, out to a perfect island getaway.

Turtle Airways provides multiple flights per day from Nadi (where the international airport is) to the islands chains of Mamanuca and Yasawa. Our seaplanes can take you right to the beach of your resort, and let you start your vacation hours earlier then if you took a boat. Turtle Airways also offers scenic flights, day trips and custom charters. Make the most of your vacation to Fiji, and book your resort transfers and other activities with Turtle Airways.