Half the year has gone by. We know, it snuck up on us as well. If you forgot to book your summer vacation, don’t settle for the same old destination everyone goes to. Skip out on the crowds and head to Fiji!

Off the Beaten Path destination: Yasawa IslandsWe all do it. After the new year begins, we jump back into work, and get involved in the day to day drudgery that we have become accustomed to. Before you know it, it is summer time, and your thinking “I forgot to book a summer vacation”. Well you could book a cruise, and get stuck on some crowded ship. Make a couple stops at some tourist focused island, lay out on some over crowded beach… That doesn’t sound like a great vacation to us.

We think a summer getaway should be a getaway. Even a last minute vacation should take you to an off the beaten path destination. Fiji’s Yasawa island chain is the perfect place to enjoy summer without the crowds.

Whether you are looking for a budget “backpacker” resort, or an all-inclusive luxury resort, the reports in Yasawa measure the guests in the dozens, not thousands. Some resorts, (like Turtle Island) have as many private beaches, as they do couples staying on the island. Now that is a private beach vacation. Fiji barred land based tourism to the Yasawa islands until the late 1980’s allowing the islands to remain relatively free of the tourist focused construction you find at many of the more well known travel destinations. And isn’t that why you are looking for a more off the beaten path destination? So you can avoid the “tourist traps”.

The Problem with Off the Beaten Path Destinations.

Fiji-Seaplane-Turtle-AirThe biggest issue most people have with off the beaten path destinations is getting to them. There is a reason why a place is off the beaten path. The Yasawa Islands are no exception. The closest international airport to the Yasawa Islands is in Nadi on the big island of Viti Levu. From there, the Yasawa Islands are across 50 miles of open water to the north west. There is a boat that takes tourists there once per day. It is a 4 or 5 hour trip depending on where in the Yasawas you are headed. Alternately, Turtle Airways offers several flights per day to the Yasawa islands from Nadi. Turtle Airways seaplanes can take you right to the beach of whatever resort you are staying at with a 30 minute flight. In addition to resort transfers, Turtle Airways also offers scenic flights, day trips and custom charters to many locations in the Yasawa and Mamanuca island chains. With Turtle Airways, staying at an off the beaten path destination in Fiji doesn’t have to be difficult.

So if you are planning a last minute vacation to an off the beaten path destination, Fiji’s Yasawa Islands is probably just what you are looking for. And if you want to make getting to your off the beaten path destination in Fiji simple and easy, then Turtle Airways has you covered. Give us a call, and we will take care of you.