Scenic Flight Fiji VacationWhy Fiji?

Are you stressed and looking for a perfect getaway? Worry no more because Fiji is a paradise on earth. The island offers a wide range of magnificent beaches and a variety of cultures. Tourists from all over the world come to seek Fiji vacation to experience the tranquility of its jungles, sandy beaches and to interact with the locals. Over the last decade, Forbes has rated Fiji amongst the top ten tourist’s destination to visit, since it offers privacy and it is secure in the midst of the most cultured locals, best sceneries, and perfect tropical climate. Thus, whether you are looking for a place to relax, run away from painful breakups or seeking family vacations, Fiji is the place to visit.

The Sky is the Limit

When on a Fiji vacation there is nothing adventurous like exploring it by air. Notably, you can access the island via water but this methods is time-consuming and exhaustive. Moreover, quite a good number of people suffer from seasickness when using ferries. So why waste your time nursing nausea and drowsiness instead of experiencing Fiji hospitality firsthand? It is in this regard if you are on a Fiji Vacation flying gives you an upper hand over all the other alternatives.

Are you wondering how to book for air tours? You can book for flights online or physically by visiting our offices. Turtle Airways is an airplane company with over 30 years of experience. Once you book a tour with us, we offer you our best pilots who help you go over the plan of the island to determine the flight path. If you are visiting Fiji for the first time and you do not know where to visit, our pilots have a vast knowledge of the Island, since most of them are locals and can double as the most experienced tour guides. At turtle airways, we make you feel special and appreciated.

An Experience of Lifetime

Turtle Airways Flights Fiji VacationHave you ever watched the movie Blue Lagoon and thought the views were fictional? I thought you should know that it was shot in Fiji and the sites are real. So why are you sitting there grinding in stress instead of being on a Fiji vacation interacting with the most beautiful nature on universe?

Come soar over our paradise watching the magnificent views. We will fly you low to cover as much ground as possible. Additionally, we have many other activities lined up for you to make the experience unforgettable. For anthropologists, Fiji offers a wide range of culture. Thus, you can interact with people from different ethnicity and lifestyles. Additionally, the food here is fantastic; you will enjoy a variety of local cuisine.

Do you like fishing or sporting? What are you waiting for? At Fiji, we have a series of activities lined up exclusively for you. If you have ever wished for Scuba Diving at Turtle Airways, we will make those dreams come true. Additionally, the island offers beaches for snorkeling and kayaking. The locals are friendly you can join them for that fishing trip you have for so long wished for.

Are you looking for that family bonding time or team building? The island offers perfect spots for picnics and family events. Moreover, you can fly above the island with your family and watch the scenic views such as jungles, beaches, lagoons, to mention a few.

Finally, if you want to perform a professional photo shoot, then Fiji will offer you exclusive views and backgrounds. If you think Fiji is a paradise, I would say it is an understatement since it is more than that.