Summer time is here. And during the summer we all want to get away for a trip to the beach. Lazy days in the sunshine and the tactile experience of the sand between our toes fills the dreams of many people as the days get longer.

The south pacific has often been considered one of the best places on earth to truly experience the wonder of a summer beach getaway.However, the south pacific is the largest mass of water on the planet, and only a small portion of that has inhabited islands. Choosing the tropical island you want to stay at is an important first step to having the best south pacific holiday. Here are a few of the reasons we think Fiji is the best place for your summertime adventure.

Happy People = Happy Vacations

I am sure we have all been someplace where everyone seemed grumpy. There is no quicker way to suck the joy out of an afternoon then to run into a bunch of grumpy people. Some places have an outright dislike of tourists. You will never find that in Fiji. In fact, surveys have shown that Fijians are some of the happiest people on the planet. If you want to be happy on your holiday, then it is a good idea to visit a place where the people are happy as well.

The Holiday YOU Want

South Pacific HolidayA lot of people want different things when they go on holiday. Some people want to stay in large, modern, self contained resorts. Others want small, natural sustainable resorts. I am sure people can spend all day arguing of what type of resort is better, but it really comes down to personal preference. Luckily, Fiji has plenty of both (and everything in between). Resorts on southern Viti Levu, and out in the Mamanuca islands are entities unto themselves that rival large scale resort experiences anyplace in the world.

Many of the “backpacker” resorts in the Yasawa islands are small, self contained places for the “eco-tourist”.  Many of these resorts hold a smaller number of guests at a time, and although they do not have towering complexes, they often take up entire islands (or share them with a local Fijian village). These resorts offer a timeless take on the south pacific island experience. Staying here is much like it would have been hundreds of years ago when European’s first made their way to this south pacific island nation. (although we do have electricity, plumbing and wifi now).

Whatever your dream for the best south pacific holiday, Fiji has the accommodations to make it a reality. Turtle Airways offers amazing low flying scenic flights for your resort transfers if you choose to stay on the Yasawa or Mamanuca islands. If you don’t, Turtle Airways also offers day trips so you can make sure to experience wonders like the Sau-i-lau caves, or the famous movie locations of the Blue Lagoon and Castaway Island.

Come to Fiji for the best south pacific holiday, and contact Turtle Airways to make it the most memorable.