The stress of modern life makes it difficult to keep romance alive. Many of us are looking for ways to rekindle romance. We understand that love is what makes the world go around, but sometimes we get caught up in other things like making money, raising kids, or charity work. We take love for granted, and the fire starts to go out. We haven’t stopped loving the other person, we just left the relationship on the back burner for to long.

It is in those cases that drastic measures may need to be taken to reignite the fire. Something special must be done. Something memorable, something extraordinary, a high water mark of romance. Something like a trip to Fiji.

Why is Fiji so Good at Rekindling Romance?

Everything about Fiji is romantic. It is exotic, so you feel like all your troubles are left behind when you come to this amazing Pacific Island Nation. When you travel away from the main cities to the smaller island chains, like Mamanuca or Yasawa, you break free from the over commercialization of the world you left. Fast food is a fish that swims too fast for you to catch, and there are no malls or traffic jams.

The Salt

Scientists say that breathing salt air is good for you in many ways. It is said to reduce sinus pressure, and improve lung function. Salt air from the ocean also is charged with negative ions that increase our lungs ability to absorb oxygen. These negative ions also balance levels of serotonin. Serotonin reduces stress, helps you sleep and puts you in a better mood. Therefore, just being in Fiji and breathing makes you feel better. When you feel better being with the one you love, you can’t help but equate them with feeling good.

The Sun

Rekindling Romance in FijiOur skin converts sunlight into vitamin D. Scientists think vitamin D plays an important role in regulating mood and warding off depression. In some studies, scientists found vitamin D deficiency was more common in those who were also experiencing anxiety and depression. It is well known that people who live in the arctic have trouble with depression during the many months that the sun does not rise.

Spending time alone with someone in an environment the reduces anxiety and elevates ones mood is always a successful recipe for rekindling romance.

The Sand

Laying out on the beach on a tropical island paradise. Is there a better way to reconnect with the one you love? Sure, sand is an excellent exfoliant that will leave your skin glowing. Walking on the soft earth is great exercise. and relaxing on the beach gives you plenty of access to that sunlight and salt air we already talked about. But it also helps you connect. And that is the true secret to rekindling romance. Getting away from everything and everyone and being in a beautiful place with a beautiful person that you can connect with in a special way making memories that will last forever.

So come to the islands of Fiji for a chance at rekindling romance with your loved one. Book a stay at one of our amazing resorts, and let Turtle Airways fly you to your own romantic getaway. Because Love is worth it.