For the longest time, summer has been the vacationing season in Europe, the United States and various places in the Northern Hemisphere. With schools breaking during the summer season, families found it the perfect time to travel the world. This tradition is still there, but most people also take a winter vacation. So why not spend your winter on the beach in Fiji?

However, the summer season vacationing is rapidly changing. People are now taking opportunities to travel during the winter season. If you want to run away from cold months, Fiji is your ultimate destination.

So, why the beach in Fiji?

It’s Always Hot

beach in fijiFiji is always warm with the hotter months being November through April. The reason you’d want to travel during January is to run away from cold weather. This makes Fiji the best destination. The temperatures range between 75-88 degrees Fahrenheit. During “winter” in Fiji, which is in July and August, the temperatures are moderate. This makes your winter to be summer, creating perfect weather to enjoy your vacation on the beach in Fiji.

Fiji Sea Water is Always Warm

People always keep off ocean water during winter months in Europe and the U.S. As other places in the Northern Hemisphere get immersed in cold months, the temperature in the South Pacific Ocean in Fiji stay pleasant throughout the year. As you wouldn’t dare dip your toes in the frozen waters in the northern hemisphere, you’ll get tempted to dive into Fiji water. The pleasant temperatures will lure you into staying on the beach in Fiji. Turquoise and clear water are ideal for swimming. It won’t be a surprise to see dolphins in January or February waters.

It’s the Best Time to Travel

Planning a vacation during the summer months is not only unnerving but also expensive. After festal decorations are packed away with everything celebrated, the winter remains inactive season with less excitement. Don’t let the months of January, February, and March steal away your joy. You can invigorate the months by being on the beach in Fiji.

Planning and preparing your trip during winter is seamless and cheap. You can easily make your booking in any of Fiji resorts and enjoy subsidized prices.

There is a Resort for Everyone

private beach in FijiDespite inviting waters and pleasant temperatures in Fiji during winter, visitors enjoy fantastic deals and reduced prices. It doesn’t matter your budget and preference; you’ll get what you deserve. There are large resorts for people who won’t mind chucking out more dollars. More so, there are a plethora of small, budget-friendly resorts. Whatever you want can be arranged.

The Stunning Beach in Fiji

The beach in Fiji is what every vacationer can dream of. The stunning beaches give you the idea of what Mother Nature can offer. You won’t get disappointed. The white sand, warm waters, coconut trees, and colorful fish create a little paradise for you.

Enjoy Enthralling Seaplane Flights

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