Tadrai Island Resort SeaplaneA trip to the Fiji Islands is one you should enjoy completely. Taking a stroll on the beach or going diving to see sharks and tropical fish up close are a couple of the most popular things to do in Fiji. However, that is just a taste of what this island group has to offer.

The best way to see and experience the magic of Fiji is to take a sightseeing tour, by plane. Fiji offers over 330 islands and 500 islets to explore. Many of them are not easy to reach by boat and completely inaccessible by land. Plane is by far the best way to experience these private paradises.

Fly Low

You can fly low over some of the most stunning island landscapes on the planet. The Islands of Fiji are the very definition of a tropical paradise. With stunningly clear water and abundant sealife, every ocean view offers a brand new experience. Taking a plane over a shimmering blue lagoon offers a stunning visual panorama that will last a lifetime.

The stunning heights of the bigger islands give a glimpse of the origins of this island group. Covered with dense rain forests, the rugged terrain offers a lush green canopy with glimpses of colorful flowers below.

Have a Picnic

People-of-FijiIf you want to experience some of this stunning beauty first hand, you need to schedule a flight to a secluded island and have a picnic on the beach. You will get stunning vistas coming towards you as the plane touches down into a shallow lagoon. After a short walk through the shallows to the beach, you can get a close-up look at what the natural beauty of Fiji really is.

The tropical trees, lush undergrowth, and beautiful flora are just a few of the things you can experience close up. You get to sit down and just enjoy a nice lunch, on a beautiful day with some of the best views the world has to offer.

See the Islands From Above

With so many islands and islets to explore, it is impossible to see most of the Fiji Islands by boat. With a seaplane tour, you get to view the vast size of this far reaching island group. Only 100 or so of the islands are inhabited permanently. That means over 200 islands and all the islets are out there for you to explore without encountering any other humans.

A seaplane sightseeing tour is the best way to see Fiji. You can go beyond the tourist destinations and encounter the real world that the inhabitants of this island chain live with all the time. If you are coming to Fiji, make sure a seaplane tour is on the itinerary.

If you want to take a seaplane sightseeing tour, you need to contact us here at Turtle Airways. We offer sightseeing tours throughout the islands. If you need to transfer between islands, we are also the company to call. With over 30 years of experience in the beautiful land of Fiji, let us make your vacation experience extra special.